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From Only :

$25 per Annum

Morgeez Music Distribution portal can be self-managed or simply select our Support ADDON for our dedicated support team to help you all the way as you climb your music career ladder to success.

Best of Both World –

Purchase your music distribution now and let us help you setup your Artist account, upload your tracks so you can start selling and promoting your music immediately. Just chill, relax and let us do the job for you.

Bundled with Music Promotion Options

Every Artist or Label Deserves t Promotional tools:

PACKED WITH: option for quick Release Article publication on Morgeez Magazine, and you can bundle up your promotion with Podcast Interview, Playlisting on Morgeez Radio, Music Video Promo on MorgeezTV at and more…

Your One-stop shop Music Streaming Service

Offering music distribution, promotion, subscription and streaming service for independent artists, labels and costumers.

It takes basic three steps below to get on Morgeez Music Streaming service for music distribution. There are no tones of paper works and contracts with hidden terms. Simply signup, get verified, submit your music to us and within 24 hours, your music is Live on the platform.


When you signup at Morgeez Music Streaming service, Your user account is automatically created.

Artist Verification

Once your user account is created and you are now able to login, then you can request artist verification.

Music Submission

You can now submit your tracks to us to be uploaded nd linked to your artist profile..

Purchase Music Distribution Package

Purchase your music distribution package. Whether you are an artist, a manager or independent record label, just purchase this one plan for the year and you can release as many tracks as you can produce.

Request Artist Verification for Music Distribution

What is Artist Verification

Its a process whereby admin request user information in other to review, verify and be able to grant such user artist access.

How to Apply for Verification

Login into your user account, check on your user menu list, you will find Artist Verification. Click on it. Then you will be able to enter the simple verification info and you are done.

music distribution service by morgeez


Benefits of Using Morgeez Music

There are many music platforms offering you music distribution service worldwide. The question is, after loading your music on their platform, "and then", Whats next?

At Morgeez Music, we help you further, we assist you and provide promotional helping hand so you can go far with your music career.

Promotion of Your Music

You have option to add pre or post release article on Morgeez Magazine

We playlist your Music on Morgeez Radio for promotional stream for free

Link your artist profile to Social Media

Share your albums to all social media

Share individual tracks release

Visitors can follow you

Ask your friends, associates, colleagues and all to help you share your tracks

Account Management

We help you setup your account

You can self-manage your account or we do it for you when you purchase distribution plan

Upload and Release Unlimited Tracks within the year

Setup your desired music download prices

Monitor your download sales records

Withdraw your sales earnings whenever you want your money


Only USD25

How to Get your Music Up Quickly?

We can help you setup your account and manage it for you including upload your music or you can easily setup and upload your tracks by yourself.

After you complete your purchase of the Music Distribution plan, first step is to submit your music to us.

Otherwise, you can self-create your Music distribution account and self-upload your unlimited tracks.

We are reachable, 24hours and ever willing to provide the necessary support required as swiftly as possible. Register for Support Now.