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Using all majorly available platforms and wide variety of tactics, Morgeez Records is your go-to destination as an artist, independent label and any pop culture entrepreneurs that needs a company that is well rounded to promote its products and services.

Music Publishing, Distribution, Licensing

  1. Taking your career or business to the next level.

Media Contents creators, Publishers and Brodcasters

Morgeez uses various platforms to promote music, career, urban fashion, sneakers and apparels etc. As digital content publishers Morgeez uses the below powerful portals to help you reach your fans, target audience and the world at large.


Full service music streaming, distribution and publishing platform. Provided for the Artists, Fans and Independent Labels to Publish and Distribute their music.


Submit your music for promotion. Let Morgeez help you get in the frontline in this cut-throat industry. Checkout very important ways with which Morgeez can help your career take off to the next level.

the morgeez podcast portal

The Morgeez PODCAST

You are invited to the Morgeez Podcast portal and Podcast studios. Get interviewed about your music, events, services and other merchandise. Get promoted vial the Morgeez Podcast portal, linked to iTunes, Google Cast, Stitchers and other podcast platforms. Let the world hear your stories.

The Morgeez TV

Got music video to promote, got tv program on entertainment to showcase? WHY WON’T YOU NEED professional interview of yourself, your career and your music activities or why won’t you need to be published on an online tv anyway? We welcome you to the Morgeez Online TV.

the morgeez online magazine

The Morgeez Magazine

The Morgeez Magazine is where creativity meets publicity. This is a full blown music magazine covering the entire hip hop and pop culture. Without wasting time, let us get your press releases, events, launches, concerts, interviews published. Get to reach the all important youth demographics and fans you actually want patronize you.

talent agency Johannesburg

Talents Agency Portal

There’s no doubt, every single talent on earth needs an agency, booker or manager and a good one for that matter. Morgeez Talent Agency department is your sure bet when it comes to a trustworthy and reliable talent agency. Morgeez talent agency represents, actors, models, dancers, musicians, DJs, producers, photographers, makeup artists and more.

Film Production Facilitation

Producing music videos in Africa can be a daunting task but with the best team assembled and put together by a dedicated production company can make the entire process very rewarding with great return on investment. The Morgeez Filming production coordination services is capable of assembling and coordinating entire filming production from pre production including, talents casting, location scouting to production including film crew, filming to post production coordination.

film production facilitation in africa


The Morgeez Marketplace is a must visit for you the artists, pop culture and urban lifestyle peeps. Go grab some high-end sneakers like Gucci, Nike, Jordan, Yeezy, and others. Your collection of street fashion and urban gears all sorted at the Morgeez Marketplace.

morgeez sneakers shop
the morgeez online radio



The Morgeez Online Live Radio is coming very soon. Strictly music promotion and entertainment. If you are an artist, dj, beat maker, producer or indie record label, send us your TRACKS for playlist now.

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