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Media contents creation to production to publishing and distribution. With all platforms in place and a focus on originality, Morgeez is your reliable partner.

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Business Podcast for Creative Entrepreneurs


The Morgeez Business Podcast for creative entrepreneurs, is our dearest new baby. This is to cater for the business world. This is according to popular demand, we have to showcase the incredible business entrepreneurs making indelible marks across multiple industries. We can help spread the word about journey, your business and your entire story.

Read the official press release on Morgeez Magazine for more information on how it works. Or Click here to book a session now.

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Morgeez is your trusted agency when it comes to creative audio and video production services. Lets help you record that jingles, audio books, music, podcast programs and every other high-end quality audio projects that you might have now or later. Learn more at the Morgeez Production Portal

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Morgeez Magazine - Let your story be told too!

If you like quality, authentic and original contents and news piece. You will surely love Morgeez Magazine. Let us help you spread the world about your brand, using original and authentic Press Releases, Events Announcements, Editorials, Reviews, Reports and more. A capable platform for all your PR and Communication needs. Goto Magazine Portal now.

Morgeez Radio is your 24hours Online Radio streaming across the World. Offering you the opportunity to promote your brand, products, personality or image nationally and internationally. Click here to go to Morgeez Radio Portal. Submit your music for promotion, book and interview and partner with us to stream your events globally.


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If you are passionate about Original motion pictures contents, MorgeezTV online should be your home. Promote your commercial videos, music videos and more. Let us help you create authentic visuals for your brand and get them published on MorgeezTV and across all our networks online. Reach the world at large. Visit MorgeezTV Now

Dear music artists, you have put in the work to produce your music. You can also be in charge of it all through selling your music to a global music market via the Morgeez Music Distribution and Music Publishing portal.



The difference between Morgeez Music Distribution and the others, is that you are in total control and its free to list your music. Most importantly, you will get sales as we are promoting you and our platform same time.  Signup now! Or Submit your music for us to help you setup.


This is where its all happening. You can now use our PAY AS YOU GO Service to book for your services.

  1. Including Brand Promotion
  2. PR & Communication Packages
  3. Book our Recording Studios
  4. Book our Promotion Plan
  5. Book Promotional Interviews
  6. Marketing Strategy Plans
  7. Music Consulting Plans
  8. Advertise on Morgeez Magazine and Morgeez Radio

Independent Artists Agency, Talent management and booking agency. Looking for music artists, actors, voice-over artists, dancers and others, Let Morgeez scout, book and coordinate this process for you.

Checkout our Talent Agency Portal Here.

Artist Bookings

Are you looking for artists to book for your events or for your venue? We can help you with all that. Book the artists and negotiate fair deals for you?

Artists Promotion

Everything music services that is required for the artist to blow. From artist management, Music Promotion, Artists PR to Contents production for the artist.


The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale has now grown into a full-blown talent development program for the young rapper. Take a moment to get developed. CLICK HERE NOW.


Like every profession, the music industry and performing arts in general are both based on your talent and passion. 



But with proper training and mentorship, you will surely reach your goal and make your dream come true. Join the Morgeez Talent Mentoring program today! CLICK HERE

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