The Morgeez Media Group

Registered in South Africa as Mor’geez Records cc since 2004.  Also registered in Nigeria in 2012 as Morgeez Global Ventures Inc. The company has gone through many phases over the cause of the years.


Although been an independent company in this African Continent is never an easy ventures, but with God’s Grace, we are still kicking it with all Glory to God!

With initial imprint as a music, commercial audio and video contents production, distribution and publishing company, Morgeez has also vast experience in talent management, supply and coordination.

Our audio and video recording studios are situated at the official Morgeez Studios HQ in Johannesburg South Africa. From here, all content creation process from concept development to post production are carried out in a professional manner. High-end clients such as ad agencies and others are welcomed to start entire production facilitation process from the Morgeez Studios HQ.

Morgeez Media Agency operates boutique media content creation, production and publishing services. On this department, we have established the following platforms: 

  1. Morgeez MAGAZINE,
  2. Morgeez Radio,
  3. MorgeezTV
  4. Morgeez Podcast and the Morgeez Official Blog.

The Morgeez Mission (MM)

We are mainly focused on talent development using our resources which in itself, is our talent. We are keen on creating opportunities in the music and media industry to drive African talents to greater heights. Where we can say, "yes", the African music and media industry is self sustainable through the work of the talent built with the resources that we have put in place.

The Morgeez Vision (MV)

The Morgeez Vision is a very clear one. Morgeez simply wants to see the African continent having the ability of producing global quality talent in the music and entertainment industry. Morgeez has the ability to promote, develop, create and market its own original talents that appeal to the global market. A bigger picture within our operations.

Work Ethic (WE)

Morgeez is a Company founded on honesty and that is the basis of our operations. Honesty guides our entity from every level of the company. Although we acknowledge the importance of profit, we always put our customers first. We take every project and every client seriously. Hence, we always put in the work to meet their expectations with the quality of service.

Morgeez Media Agency