The Morgeez Media Group

Officially Registered as Mor’geez Records cc in South Africa (2004) and as Morgeez Global Ventures in Nigeria (2012).

The Company’s main focus is providing media production, consulting and media projects execution all over the Africa Continent from our HQ offices in Johannesburg South Africa and the branch office in Lagos Nigeria.

The Morgeez Mission (MM)

We are mainly focused on talent development using our resources which in itself, is our talent. We are keen on creating opportunities in the music and media industry to drive African talents to greater heights. Where we can say, "yes", the African music and media industry is self sustainable through the work of the talent built with the resources that we have put in place.

The Morgeez Vision (MV)

The Morgeez Vision is a very clear one. Morgeez simply wants to see the African continent having the ability of producing global quality talent in the music and entertainment industry. Morgeez has the ability to promote, develop, create and market its own original talents that appeal to the global market. A bigger picture within our operations.

Work Ethic (WE)

Morgeez is a Company founded on honesty and that is the basis of our operations. Honesty guides our entity from every level of the company. Although we acknowledge the importance of profit, we always put our customers first. We take every project and every client seriously. Hence, we always put in the work to meet their expectations with the quality of service.


Mr. Christopher Odiley AKA RapDon, AKA Stovaz

The man and brains behind the dream to create a self-reliant and self-sustaining music business for the African music industry is none other than, Mr. Christopher Odiley.

Having strolled down the long road of being an independent artist all his life, Christopher Odiley (aka RapDon, aka Stovaz) is a very good example of the African child with a gigantic dream of becoming a global music superstar that was hindered by a thick wall of limitations. Born in the dusty streets of a small village called Egiegi in the UDU Local Goverment Area of Delta State Nigeria, Christopher Odiley has been developing, nurturing and promoting talents in South Africa since 2006.

As a songwriter, producers and performer himself, Christopher has written well over 200 songs and poems, and has recorded 2 hip hop albums under his belt, one in Nigeria and the other in South Africa respectively.


Stovaz is soulful hip hop and R&B artist

Christopher Odiley is passionate about the development of the music industry on the African continent. He aims to ensure that the industry is sustainable for our future generations. Hence, Morgeez Records trading as Morgeez Media Group is the corner stone to which this enviable vision is set to be achieved.

…Once again, the Morgeez Team WELCOMES YOU to the Morgeez official website.

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