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Special Music Consulting Services!

All the help you needed to shape your career!


A&R Consulting

Artists and Repertoire plays a major role in accelerating artists growth in the music business. Morgeez A&R division is keen on making sure all artists music career are well taken care of. If you have great talent or great material and are looking for someone to help you bring that to life, we are here to help

Get Cool Music & Video Producers

Whether you need a producer, studio or a mixing/mastering engineer, Morgeez can help you get the bests using our professional network. Our network has great experience in a variety of genres, so let's chat about your needs and see what fits in with your vision and your budget.

Get Bookings for Gigs

There's no doubt, every successful recording artists career longetivity depends on live performances. This is where you interact with your fans and gain new fans. Morgeez can help you get more performance gigs to cement your legacy as an artist.

Work with other Artists

Getting featured in other artists tracks or featuring other artists in your records is a great way of expanding your fan-base in gaining wider recognition. Morgeez management will be able to help you put this altogether.

Talent Development

Music as a profession has evolved in modern times and the pattern of approach to your music career determine the success of your artistic life. Morgeez Records helps the artist to develop and polish performance skills, social engagements, songwriting techniques, vocal delivery to production experience.

Power of Radio Air-Play

Radio airplay forms the bedrock of the success of any recording artist. Whether you are a newbie or an experience artist, you need crucial radio plaisting each time you have new song. Work with Morgeez Records to help you get plugged into radio playlists.
Dedicated Support Team
Personalised Artists Service

  • Branding design & direction
  • Album cover, logo &¬†EPK design
  • Video creation, promotion & distribution
  • Terrestrial & Internet radio promotions
  • Custom marketing plans & release suggestions
  • Public relations offerings
  • Merchandise & printing solutions
  • ¬†Social Media Platform Advise
  • Social media management & analysis (Custom)
  • Develop marketing strategies across our digital service providers.

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