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Who Knows Sim Dope | Some Random Dude ?

Written by on 20th Feb 2023

It all started at the late rapper #akamemorialservice when Media personality and KayaFm radio Host Sizwe Dlomo introduced young man immaculately drabbed in black leather jacket and pants.

A great looking man with wider smiling lip and eloquently speaks English with little bit of South African upmarket sub-urban kid accent.

Why is Sim Dope Trending for Days on SA Twitter?

This apparently gentle man stood on the stage and his first utterances were “What’s up Megacy, What’s up? Mam Lynn what’s up, Uncle Tony what’s up?” All these to a thunderous ovation. All these was to confirm to the crowd that he is a member of the household of the Forbes.

He barely had to script or written a piece of note as a eulogy, but his casualty and realness of memories he shared with his childhood friend, Kernan Forbes, the slayed rapper had assured the audience that this guy is no “Some Random Dude” in the picture and in the life of AKA.

DJ to “do something” – Sim Dope

Once he had asked the DJ to “do something”, immediately, all the DJ spined was a track titled “Sim Dope” off AKA’s album Level Up. To the fans of AKA, this track was a hit. But little did they knew that the name or title of the song was actually a name belonging to a real person and a childhood friend of AKA.

Hence since the Friday of the Memorial service (18th Feb) to Monday (20th Feb 2023). Sim Dope has been on a constant and top-level trend in South Africa, as tweeps kept on digging into his life trying to find anything that is interesting about this dude and why the N0.1 Rapper in the country, AKA has to write an entire hit record dedicated to him.

What Did Fans Found Out About Sim Dope

By and large, some managed to dig out how wealthy he is, or his Family are, was a college classmate or schoolmate of AKA at St Johns College, Johannesburg, has taste for premium fashion but with an admirable sense of humor and humility.

One tweep who knows something had earlier shared this:

Other than the above, not much really has been mentioned about Sim Dope. But by and large, this is now looking like a great character that mighty just have lots of surprises for South Africans in the shortest future. We will watch the space!

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