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What are the benefits of been an Independent Artist?

Written by on 13th December 2022

I have been a proponent of the independent music industry for a long time now. Those who have been following my writings, podcasts, and radio interviews will attest that I am at the forefront of revolutionalizing the music business to become more inclusive of independent minds and players like Morgeez. But with all that positive energy, why am I asking this question? Am I casting a shadow of doubt on the so-called indie music industry itself?

Casting a Shadow of Doubt on Indie Music Industry?

The human mind reacts to situations in different ways. One positive belief here might just be a negative vibe in other quarters. Hence there’s a feeling of doubt that, really exists within the indie music community. There are very many situations that call for urgent attention if the industry called indie music shall survive.

This article would be broader in focus the more I get into the topic. But truth is that many musicians, especially indie artists barely have the time nor interest to read articles so, I will make this very shot, cut out all the elaborate discussion, and get brief to the point. That brings me to the question below:

What Is Been Independent Really Mean In The Music Industry?

The word, independent would me one thing, “freedom”. This again would depend on where you are coming from. So, in the music business, many consider been independent as to someone who is an artist, who has the ability to perform the following:

  • record music in own studio or pay for al recordings
  • produce music tracks byself or have the funds to pay for such projetcs
  • produce music videos with funds to pay for such costs
  • organise tours and able to fund those tours
  • own their master recordings and everthing that entails rights of ownership in their music.

Okay, let’s cut it there for a while before this list gets bloated. The above points are enormous tasks and carry huge financial responsibilities. Hence the question below:

Can one artst have the ability to execute all the above tasks?

Financial power is key here. After financial powers come expertise. Can an artist or group of musicians have the financial power and expertise to achieve all of the above tasks? This is where my argument lies. This is where I started “casting shadows of doubt” on the indie music industry.

My answer to this question is an absolute NO. It is not easy for an artist to actually move ahead without the support of coming from those with much more knowledge of the music industry. Even wealthy musicians like Nigerian-American #afrobeats singer, Davido got signed to @sonymusic so as to have the complete backing of a music company. The list goes on.

Meanwhile, all the other artists that claim to be independent know this truth but some of them choose a different route. Whereby they try to seek help from small independent music companies like Morgeez to help them out, but they want this helps for free without sharing the appropriate percentage of the right to their master’s recordings.

This is the reason for the topic. What does being independent really means? Does being independent mean that you should use the talent or expertise of smaller record companies, promotion companies, etc without paying them for their services? What does it really mean to be independent as a musician? Is there really an independent music industry? These questions really need honest answers if we all have to move towards success in this music industry.

This article can have very many facets, so, your thoughts may very well vary so kindly leave your comments below. As usual, remember to share this article cuz you might just be saving someone’s music career.

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