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WesKellar and Trip Pulled Direct Lyrical Punches at Morgeez Rap Battle

Written by on 16th February 2021

Following the absence of Dreamer from the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale competition last Saturday, the heat automatically turned on Trip and Wes Kellar. The duo who has been posturing themselves as if they are already a group, had fun as they go head to head in what appeared to be one of the gruesome battles as yet in the competition.

The rappers were fully engaged in activities of the day which includes:

  1. Freestyling Mode and
  2. The original verse on BLM
    Everyone was elated and excited about their performances. Although there were perceived nerves, these Rap battle soldiers never let up.

The battle kicked off with Stovaz from Morgeez Records briefing contestants about activities of the day. One highlight of the brief was when a question was posed by Wes Kellar who had raised his hands and asked the question:

“Sir, can Morgeez Records just sign I and Trip as a group? We really liked each other”!!!

Wes Kellar

That set the mood alight as the question was a surprise for fact that this is a solo competition. Stovaz, kind of shrug and reminded them that “this is a competition “. “However, we will look into your request”. He added.

Meanwhile, the previous week’s contest report or assessment was announced and Wes Kellar scooped the overall accolades as he led the charge with the best motion picture biopic, presentation, and originality. In the same vein, Trip scooped the best accolade on Stills photography session

Once the address was over and the stage was set, Trip and Wes Kellar became the hyenas or Rap beast they are. It was a “lyrical war zone” as the competition has been dubbed from the onset. They both rose to the occasion of setting the bar as high as the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale ought to be. Hence as the competition continues, one could rest assured of surprises.

This coming week will even be more telling as this segment is tagged “Faceoffs.” For full show reporting, stay glue to Morgeez Community, follow us on FB, Twitter, and Instagram, share updates from the Magazine portal, and who knows, you might just be saving someone’s career.
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