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Special Report: Talents Bunked Screentest

Written by on 3rd Oct 2021

If you think talent development programs attract any youth in modern times, you might just want to have a rethink strategy. This could be well-said considering the no-show event reported by Morgeez Talent Agency on its Screentest billed for this past Saturday the 2nd of October 2021.

According to the report, 100s of supposed talents including dancers, actors, musicians were reported to have expressed a great amount of interest.

I am a model, actor, musician and I am looking for an agency that can help me develop and grow. The one that can find me performances and paying gigs.

Common lines among talents

The week preceding the event, was a total bombardment of inquiries expressing maximum interest and attendance. But come to the D-Day, in what has nearly seemed like a common occurrence when it comes to talent development programs in, no single attendee was recorded.

What Does Lack of Interest in Talent Development Programs Mean?

The question here, might surely not have anything to do with any form of failure being attributed to the organizers. The question of poor organizing does not arise.

However, if one wants to consider the question of marketing? that may just be another thing altogether because the influx of inquires with expressive interests, was amazing enough to have a packed house or half-packed house of attendees.

Hence to put this in perspective, the lack of interest in participation in talent development programs by the youth in performing arts, will surely result in a lack of interest in talent development programs creators continuing creating such programs.

Common Reason for No-Show by Talents After Initial Commitmment?

Besides anything else, the most common reason given by talents is always, lack of money to pay attendance fees for such talent development programs or workshops.

In a world, where securing any form of sponsorship by events organizers, is like a cow head passing through the eye of the needle, it will be difficult for talented developers to carry out their jobs successfully if talents do not want to pay such minimal fees for self-development.

As one talent developer will put it:

If talents cannot pay some small fees to get basic industry knowledge and enhance their ability to be able to perform to potential capacity, then why do they have enough money for things like boozes, fancy fake jewelry etc.?

Eruos – Talent Developer

How to Encourage and Motivate Talent Development Programs

This encouragement has to be developed by the talent themselves, otherwise, no one else can do it for them. Not the government, not their parents but for themselves, have to work with talented developers in a more committed fashion in other to move their careers forward.

Some talent developers, who are successfully securing Government funding, are not always the ones delivering these special-need services to their fullest in most cases.

The bottom line is that this profession called talent developer, if any, is another talent on its own driven by passion and zeal to better the lives of other humans. It’s not a stable job that generates millions of dollars of income. It’s out of passion and dedication to service that all talented developers who are genuine operate. Hence the talent has to pay their attendance fees whenever they have these kinds of programs in their localities.

Well, let’s pause this report for the time being. But please leave your comments and idea below. Share it for others to have a clue and also contribute. You might just be saving someone’s career.

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