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Talent Mentoring Program

Morgeez Artists Development and Talent Mentoring Program


Get polished and start performing like a pro as a musician, voiceover artist, and actor.

  1. Sound International as a Performer
  2. Build Your Performance Kits
  3. Learn the industry Opportunities

Become a professional and independent creative worker.

Only   USD205/m (First Month) thereafter is USD180/m

Music Artists Development Program

Performance Development

The Music industry is ever evolving and as decades rolls by, there are always new opportunities and most importantly new ways of participating in the industry. If treated with purpose and with basic knowledge of how things work, you will surely reap what you sow.


This is why participating in the Morgeez Artists Development program will be highly beneficial to you as an independent musician. It’s a win, win situation for you or your band.

The Morgeez Artists Development program is all about talent development, that is focused on improving candidates with special interest in music business or as recording artists. As a young artist there are aspects of the music business that requires special attention hence it’s very important to have some form of mentorship in order for you to acquire the much-needed knowledge and skills to help you succeed.


Artists Development Program Covers:

  1. Musicians Imagery Conceptualization
  2. How to write lyrics like a Pro
  3. Voice grooming – Sing or Rap like a Pro
  4. On-stage Performance technics – Perform like a Pro
  5. On-camera performance skills
    In-studio performance tactics
  6. Independent Music Promotion Concepts

Beyond the Music, there’s the act of performance. There’s a career in every department of the performing art that can accommodate anyone.

Whether you are highly educated on these categories or not, there’s room for everyone depending how you approach it as a career from the beginning.

Morgeez is always ready to help guide you to take up your career from the beginning through this mentor-ship program. If you have being performing all over the world and need some professional help to improve, the Morgeez Mentoring Program is for you.

Join us today to meet globally acceptable standards in the following fields of performing art:

  1. Voice-overs
  2. MCs, Comedy
  3. Acting, Modelling
  4. Singing, Presenting, Dancing
  5. Scripting Writing and related others.

Our goal is to help you understand the industry, provide you with wide variety of performance techniques and skills. And most of all get you prepared to step into the industry with the right shape of knowledge that can help you excel.

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Perform Like Pro Does



USD205/m (First Month) thereafter is USD180/m

Secure your Future in Performing Arts and Music Industry

4X Classes per Month at the Morgeez Studios or Via ZOOM


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