Mentor-ship Subscription Plan

Get Mentored. The Morgeez Mentor-ship is provided virtually, online, and with the option of onsite classes if you are in Johannesburg. 

Premium Content Access
  • Access Premium Contents
  • Access Exclusive Articles
  • Teach yourself though our premium and members-only articles
  • Get mentorship articles that can help you reach your goal as a talent or talent manager
Talent Consultancy Session
  • Opportunity to meet our talent relation experts
  • Get the relevant information you need to get your career started or
  • Take your career to the next level.
  • Ask all the questions you need answers to.
  • All you need to know about your music or performing arts career  career
  • Up to 2hours - once-off consulting session
Media Production Skills Training
  • Acquire the Skills you need in the media industry
  • A complete artisanship program
  • Practical training in videography, photography,
  • Practical training and mentoring in sound engineering, music production, talent promotion,
  • Practical training and mentoring in blogging, graphic designs, contents researching,
  • Practical training in event planning,
  • Practical training and mentoring in tv or radio presenting
  • Monthly subscription fee.


If you are looking for specific Music Industry services such as Music Promotion, Artist PR, Marketing Strategy, Music Distribution, Podcast Interview, Talent Representation, and others, please visit the Morgeez Artist Service Store. Click here.

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