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South Africa Remains on Fire as Protests and Lootings Continues

Written by on 13th Jul 2021

The campaign to shut down South African society and economy has escalated beyond what security services had earlier anticipated. The photos and motion images coming out of Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng Provinces are scary images of excess looting and destruction of properties.

The unrest was predicted or anticipated upon the sentencing and incarceration of former President of South Africa, President, Jacob Zuma, 7th on July 2021. While many believe that the looting and civil disobedience and that has engulfed the country is a result of this incarceration of the former president, others are more cautious to make any assumption.

Living Conditions of Citizens in South Africa Right Now

The situation has escalated to the point that, the ordinary citizen has been pushed in and forced to remain indoors for safety. Food and basic needs are now out of reach of the ordinary citizen as all shops and malls are closed. This simply means that there are no places open for food and basic necessities access.

South Africa is now feared to be heading towards food shortages as warehouses, food banks, and distribution facilities have been destroyed. The damages as seen through the pictures have run into billions in costings.

Security Situation for Citizenry

The security apparatus in South Africa has been disrupted and totally disorganized. The entire state security apparatus has been totally overstretched. Law enforcement agencies have been found wanting as they have been reported to be short of capital resources and tools for them to carry out effective law and order enforcement.

Meanwhile, the South African National Defence Force (the Military Forces) has been called in to assist the Police Force. This has also sparked fears of retributions across the affected provinces as Military deployment experiences in South Africa have never proven successful in a positive direction.

Presidential Address and Opposition Parties

President Cyril Ramaphosa had addressed the country in a live television broadcast (on 12th, July) where he warned the citizens of what lies ahead as he had ordered the military out of the barracks to assist the police. In a similar vein, he also called on opposition parties to come together, work toget5her to assist him in providing suggestions that can produce lasting solutions.

Meanwhile, opposition party leader, John Steenhuisen of the Democratic Alliance had told ENCA Television that he had made several advances and calls to the President in vain.

While this statement has overrun the entire country’s political leadership, the destruction of properties and lootings on the ground has reminded many of the situations in South Africa, during their days and years under the Appathied siege.

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