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Spotlight on New Music

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Every hit and every release of the week is widely reported. It's a new vibe, and fresh energy brought about by global trends in new music of the week.

Dedicated to brand new music of the week. All new releases as published and share by major record companies and independent labels as well. We will also draw from Trendings on all major music sources to make up the playlist every Friday.

FreshRhyme will be all about the fresh energy brought about by new music. The vibe will be pure and global with selected music that has the touch of class. There will be elements of high taste in music added to the program.

The aim is to inform our dedicated listeners, about fresh cool music that they can enjoy. Musc that is worth their fantasy and enjoyment. Music that can fulfill their desire for pure, original, and quality sounds.

Can Independent Artists with New Music Submit to this Playlist?

Yes of course FreshRhyme is all about the freshness brought about by new music. Notwithstanding whether artists or labels are independent. In fact, the more independent, the better your chance of getting playlisted. Just ensure your music is quality enough and you will be guaranteed a spot on the program.

Can Artists Book an Interview on FreshRhyme?

Yes, of course, the possibility of an artist being interviewed on FreshRhyme to promote their new release is available.

You are welcome to book a special interview session. In this session, you will be able to review your new release or the tracks that you are promoting right now. There will be no limit to the time you spend with us in this program.

While you are talking about your tracks after we play, you also have the rare opportunity of commenting on other tracks on the program, feeding questions from our presenter, you have the golden opportunity of fully promoting yourself as an artist and your music altogether at the same time.

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