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Sell Your Music Easily Whilst You are In Charge as the artist | Just Signup – Upload and Sell

Written by on 10th December 2021

Everything moves so fast in this digital age. And at Morgeez, we are moving even faster like a rocket ball. This is what the Morgeez Music Distribution platform is all about. In keeping with the pace of times, Morgeez has launched its own very special brand of music distribution and music streaming platform.

Artists/labels can now have an easier way of “selling” their music without the fear of the unknown. It only takes you the artist or record label, only 3 steps to accomplish your music distribution goal.

1. Sign in – 2. Upload – 3. Sell Your Music

No hidden cost, no hidden papper works, no hidden agenda. You make the music and you are the rightful owners so let’s put the selling power in your hand and make the most out of your works.

Simply visit the portal and all you have to do is sign in within a minute, then you can request an artist approval with just a click on the Artist Verification menu and you are ready to upload your tracks for sale.

Unique Features of the Morgeez Music Distribution Portal

Among the very many features of your music distribution and music streaming platforms like your Apple and Spotify, the Morgeez Music Distribution portal is a straight-out-of-the-box system that combines music streaming with music retail to enhance the music distribution process.

In a nutshell, everything that you find in either of the big platforms, you find in the Morgeez Music distribution platform. Plus the most priceless of all is your ability to be in total control of your sales through the monitoring system.

Why Choose Morgeez Music Distribution Service

We got you covered from all angles from music right registrations with concerned bodies to clearance if you haven’t done all those before, we are able to assist you.

The most important aspect of music distribution and music streaming is your ability to promote your music to a wider audience using the right tools. This is the basis for a successful music career as it relates to sales. In this regard, Morgeez is able to assist you with the following, once you sign up and your music is uploaded for sale:

  1. A launch article on the Morgeez Magazine absolutely free.
  2. Playlisting your music on the Morgeez Radio, absolutiely fee
  3. Promote your video on MorgeezTV and thats abosulutely free too.

ADD-On Music Promotion Service

Promotion is everything in music. Morgeez has turnkey promotional bundles that are streamlined to suit every artist’s special needs. Including promotional interviews, articles, events, and more.

Hence, with your music on the platform, we will work closely with you to fine-tune your music promotional efforts so that it will positively affect sales of your music at the Morgeez Music Distribution portal..

For us, music distribution is all about working with the artists or labels for success on both ends.

Christopher Odiley – CEO Morgeez Records

Now, let’s do this! It only takes 3 simple free steps: Sign-in, Upload and Sell. Phew! you start earning from your music directly, while you are in total control. Once you sign up, if you need help with uploading your music the right way, we are here to help you too. Simply submit them via the Morgeez Support desk.

Remember to share this article with all your social media networks as you might be saving someone’s music career. Leave your comments and subscribe to our newsletter. You are invited to join the Morgeez Community as well for easy interaction. Otherwise, reach out to the Morgeez Support Desk for all business inquiries.

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