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What Indie Artists Should Look for in Digital Music Distribution?

Written by on 15th March 2022

Digital music distribution has long been the major method of selling your music. The internet is now saturated with thousands of music distribution platforms and very few ones have dominated the space for as long as they want to be there. Smaller distribution platforms get swallowed in the sea of big sharks.

In the same vein, the indie artists have suffered the same fate as the smaller music distribution platforms as explained above. The indie artists’ plight is even more severe for fact that their music will be drowned in the ocean of even bigger Sharks. This simply means that when smaller artists list their music on these big and bigger platforms, they just don’t get heard because the amount of money required for promoting them to the top of the playlists is unbearable. This brings me to the below:

Reasons Why Indie Artists Needs Morgeez Music Distribution Platform

The above brief is the reality on the ground hence Morgeez Music Distribution might just be the true home of the indie artists.

Unlimited Tracks Distribution

This is one of the very main problems hindering the ability of indie artists to create more music within the year as they would have loved to. The music distribution fees are charged by most of the other agencies and platforms per music release. Hence at Morgeez Music Distribution, for a small once-off fee for the year, an artist is able to release unlimited numbers of tracks. Whether you call them singles, EPs, or albums, is not the issue. Just keep working and releasing your music.

Music Distribution by Morgeez Records
Morgeez Music Distribution

Promotion of the Music

It is no longer a secret that when you release on all the other platforms, there’s no single or any small amount of promotion provided by these platforms or, their agencies. Hence at Morgeez Music Distribution, our first priority is to cater for your promotion through 1.) a release article on the Morgeez Magazine and 2). playlisting of your music on the Morgeez Radio. These 2 promotional opportunities are valued at 100s of USD and we are offering them to artists who use the Morgeez Music Distribution Platforms with effects from the 24th of January, 2022.

The Morgeez Music Distribution platform is a beautiful platform full of extras and includes in-built self-promotional tools ready for your free use once you have joined the family.

We will work with you to push your music and that is our motto. We are the “Home of Indie Artists”.

You are welcome to distribute your music with a team that works with you. Click here to signup now or click here to check out the platform itself.

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