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Report: Hurddles of a Media Agency Startup Journey

Written by on 20th March 2023

If you are in the creative industry, there are many facets to creative levels that suggests or determine your success. But a gain, success will mean different thing to different people and different organizations. But the most important things, everyone creative mind agreed upon unanimously, is “committed persistency” pays off.

When Morgeez started officially in South Africa in 2005, there was hardly any hope for the future. But deep in the mind of its founder and CEO, Mr. Christopher Odiley, the future has always been bright no matter what comes up. This is a true testament as one would witness in the currently revamped and rebranded Morgeez Media Agency’s website.

The Journey of a Million Miles Begins with a Step.

Christopher Odiley – CEO Morgeez

Looking at the concept behind Morgeez since its inception is a creative journey of persistence, bundled in creative prowess and driven by natural talent. These ingredients can always propel any creative mindset for longevity in their various fields of operations.

The example set out here by Morgeez and its activities or operations over the years, is that of creative vision that is capable of driving sustainability. Hence the idea of sharing this millstone with the world is a thought-thru one geared towards sharing an experience that can be adopted by anyone pushing their dreams, whether as professionals or entrepreneurs.

No matter which industry you are in, one of the keys to remain in existence for as long as you wouldn’t even expect, is to keep thinking of what you can do to contribute to suitability within that industry. Hope you got that all wrapped up in your business plan just like Morgeez, then, there would be no end in sight for your progressive trajectory.

Let’s start a new partnership that would be highly beneficial to both parties. You may also download the website presentation extract here.

Please do share this article as you might just be motivating some entrepreneurs or creative minds across unlimited business genres and across the world.

For any business inquiries please do contact the Morgeez Manager Desk here.

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