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Rapdon Reclaims His Position in the Music Industry

Written by on 13th February 2023

Press Release:

Date: 2023/02/12
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Topic: Rapdon Returns

Summary: Hold on to your dreams, never let it slide. Anytime can be your time cuz God has time for everyone.


Iconic music maestro, Rapdon has finally dusts off his shoes to reclaim what he feels is rightfully his in the music industry.

The Rapper with real names Christopher Odiley who goes by the stage name, Rapdon or Stovaz is a Nigerian born music producer, songwriter, rapper, vocalist and owner at Morgeez Records has been off the musical radar for more than a decade almost 2 decades to be precise. This was due to tackling of life issues at a personal level and beyond that, working behind the scenes as talent develper, and mentoring of other young & upcoming artists..

The musician who said “music is what am born to do”, has finally declared that he is back in the game and here to stay forever.

When asked in a recent interview by Morgeez Magazine about what’s keeping him in the game, he replied: “is the realization that God has given me a message to share with the world and that’s his music”. He further went to reveal that his album, “Frontline, which was produced in 2012 and was never officially released due to unforeseen circumstances has now been officially released as a start-point for his resurgence in the music industry.

In a true-to-type comeback kid story, the Rapper declared that he is now back officially and will remain in this for the rest of his life. He uses the opportunity to advise everyone “never to give up on their dreams”. Reminding us that his only fulfillment will be the “ability to continue to dish out” his brand of rap music with the messages of motivations, love and inspirations as God has given him the talent to share.

While working on his new music materials to be release pretty much soon under his label, Morgeez Records and with recordings been done at the Morgeez Studios, Johannesburg South Africa, the 52years old musician has advised fans and lovers of music with meaningful-to-life lyrics to enjoy his album, Frontline which is exclusively available for downloads at the Morgeez Music store in addition to availability for streaming in all digital music streaming platforms worldwide.

The Great Grand Dad of Hip-Hop (GGDH) as he called himself has promised more of greater musical contents created for motivation and inspiration with his brand of “Melodic Rap Music.

For more about Rapdon and what he has to offer musically, visit his official Biography here.

The Rapper who pleads with all to support his music, has promised to satisfy fans and fill the gap of conscious music in the music industry.

Please send a shout to Rapdon by leaving your comments, follow his social pages and most of all share his music as you might be inspiring someone. Henceforth every move and news about Rapdon are available at the Morgeez Magazine.

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