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Reasons for Setting up the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale Competition?

Written by on 19th Nov 2020

Before going further to explain the reasons or the mindset behind setting up the Morgeez Rap Battle Competition, let’s quickly sum it up as a purely talent development program. A pure talent empowerment initiative that is primarily aimed at changing the lives of young up & coming artists. An open opportunity for young upcoming artists to win exclusive recording deals.

Overview of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale Competition

Hip hop music or rap music per se has its roots in poetry.  And poetry foundations are well tucked in the intelligence of crafting words that sends out messages to the audience. This defines the authenticity upon which Rap music thrives. And the success of Rap Music will depend majorly on gruesome lyrical battles staged through out the United States and won by many GOATS including DMX, Eminem, Eve and others.

Even up till these days, some record companies solely relies on scouting real, raw talents at rap battles. Although this is hardly publicized in the US. But in Africa, the concept of developing rappers hardly exists, thereby resulting in mostly low quality output in the rap music genre.

  • Checking with other performance disciplines:

If you have the same mindset like me, the above definition of rap music can be compared to other form of cultural performances such as sports, and other athletic performances that requires constant engagement and contests in the form of regular practices to enhance perfect display.  This is one aspect of career indulgence that seemingly lacks behind in the music industry and Rap music to be precise. Rap music hardly has competitive forums where up & coming artists can compete, contest and test their skills from time to time. This is one crucial career enforcement method that Morgeez is keen on improving.

  • Bring in commitment into the culture

If we have the opportunities in Rap music, just like other cultural performance disciplines has, why not seize the opportunity.  This simply means that if platforms like the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale can be created in Africa just like it’s often been in the US, why not embrace it?

This is the ultimate commitment point that is much needed by rap music genre to survive. This kind of structure spurs much needed development that caters for all creatives involved in this musical genre. From the rappers themselves to organizers of these platforms to the music publishers including fans has the opportunity of producing quality Rap music that will benefit the culture in general.

  • Beyond the lyrics, the rhymes and the battle:

Clearly,  where there’s healthy competition,  there’s growth and where there’s industry growth, everybody benefits. A clear cut Rap battle competition like the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, is a classic room for development of talents and the obvious result is the consistent benefits it will start yielding in return.

We have seen this kind of development across multiple sporting codes hence the level of sponsorship and investments they attracts and the imminent benefits to the athletes.  Purely, from the heart, this is what the Morgeez Battle Rap Program is set to achieve. A commercial status where corporate buys into our activities and programs, thereby generating the much needed interest from fans. This is the ultimate goal.

With the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, every talented rapper, will have a shot at the ultimate prize in his or her career which is a record contract. Setting off a musical journey that is well deserved and capable to delivering much needed quality music. A musical journey where Talent is king and success is guaranteed. 

Click here to enter the competition now. Or for more information and news about the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, go to Morgeez Magazine

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