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Rap Battle Royale Now Include Virtual Version

Written by on 20th January 2021

After serious deliberation, Morgeez Promotions, the official organizer of the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale is now seriously considering the option of hosting the competition virtually as well. Please note that this does not cancel the Physical location one which is the original version. Except this is an optional version for Contestants outside of Gauteng South Africa and or those overseas.

By this option, all contestants outside of Gauteng, South Africa or overseas, are expected to participate in the contest through the popular virtual communication app, ZOOM. 

(Point of Note):
But even as this option is now strongly considered, the original approach of hosting the competition at its original venue still stands.

How will the Rap Battle Activities be Conducted? 

Contestants will be set to take their turn as they are stationed in their various locations wherever they are in the world. This virtual process will see the possibility of more participants as this will be a global talent search event. The below point will spell out the order of event:

  1. Participants are set to station at their various homes or locations
  2. Adjudicators are to stationed at the Morgeez Studios
  3. Contestants are to be online by their computer or online devices using ZOOM, at the right start time of the event just as the adjudicators.
  4. Kick-off time will remain the same as though the original start time on the physical contest schedule.
  5. Contestants will have a participation number allocated to them
  6. As the event kicks off, each contestant will be called to live performance on-camera via the ZOOM app.

Even as the virtual event will be conducted, contestants who have the ability to attend the physical version might be rescheduled for a day after the virtual. Otherwise, all contestants are advised to adhere to this virtual contest policy but maintain the same schedule of events.

What is the Difference Between the Virtual Online Contest and the Physical One?

The Rap Battle Royale competition holds its moral ground of seeking to find the best suitable rapper to win the competition and get signed to a record contract with Morgeez Records. This is the primary goal. So, this never changes whether it is physical or virtual.

The only difference here is that there will be no physical contact based on physical appearance at the Morgeez Studios, the original physical venue of the competition. Bear in mind that the scheduled time frame, activities, and all that has been contained in the original schedule will be carried out as well only but virtually.

Considering Covid 19 Regulations and Lockdown Policy

Keeping in mind the strict regulation on the entertainment industry which includes the ban on social gatherings, concerts, and other events; it only makes more sense that the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale is held virtually. By virtually hosting the competition, contestants are well safeguarded from the risk of breaking covid regulations while trying to commute to the competition location as per schedule.

Most importantly, contestants are kept safe from any risk of contracting covid-19 as there will be no need to assemble in groups for the competition.

Social Economic Benefit of Virtual – Online Rap Battle Royale Competition

The importance of virtual events at this point in our lives, cannot be over-emphasized hence every event has opted for this method. Beyond health risk, below are some vital social-economic advantages:

  1. Contestants will not be scrambling to find the money for transport down to the venue.
  2. Contestants now avoid the temptation of breaking any of the covid-19 lockdown related regulations.
  3. Contestants have the luxury of competing from the comfort of their homes.
  4. Contestants have enough time to practice a given routine and rehearse their performances before competition times.
  5. Reaching far and wide. These virtual contests give an opportunity for contestants from all over the world to be able to get involved and participate.
  6. By and large, every adverse effect that might be problematic to contestants through logistics, financially and others, can now be avoided so that contestants can concentrate on competing to the best of their ability.

Finally, inasmuch as there are disadvantages of not hosting the event physically, the advantage and the convenience of a virtual event at this time is considered in favor of everyone involved.

Please do signup to the Morgeez Community Center and join the Rap Battle Royale Group after you have bought your entry ticket here. Let’s do this! See ya!

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