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Q&A: 3 Reasons Why Rap Battle Royale is the Key to Unlock Your Potential and expose it to the World

Written by on 4th January 2021

The talk has been on since last year. The talk about the one only battle rap contest that will seal the deal for some of the most promising young rappers to date. This is talking about the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale. This is got to be the ultimate playground for the super talented young rappers and ultimately the gateway to discovering the most fierce, most talented, most entertaining, and most organized/elite rappers in the land.

In this exclusive interview, Christopher Odiley, creative director at Morgeez Records, explains why the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale is a bread and butter for the talented young rapper.

quzzico introduction
The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale 2021

Q: We heard of other rap contests before. But there has been so much hype about the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale. What sets this one apart from the rest?

A. Just like the competition itself, this is a special initiative in the rap game like no other before. This in itself is a competition against other similar shows or contests in the past but no one, I mean no-one’s able to step up to the plate. Very few other competition in the rap game worldwide has been able to stay purposeful and as focused-driven as the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale. In reality, like the alligator, we eat up all the competitions.

Check out some details on the Morgeez Offical Event website for you to get the grip and understanding of what am talking about.

Q. Morgeez has been a driving force in the underground and indie hip hop music scene for a long time. What makes it take so long for Morgeez Records to come up with the Rap Battle Royale Initiative?

A. I wouldn’t say it took so long cuz as they say “there’s time for everything”. Remember though, this is not the first Rap Battle organized by Morgeez. Don’t forget the maiden edition of this competition in 2018 at the Alexandra (Sankopane) Community Center. You would recall that although the competition attendance was a huge success, the level of performance by contestants, wasn’t all that productive. This is due to the bar set forth by Morgeez Records.

Hence in 2021, the bar is even higher and the categories of the contestants coming through are themselves setting bars already due to the criteria for an entry set forth this time by Morgeez Promotions.

Q. We all can see that Morgeez has put a lot of work into the Rap Battle Royale Competition and a whole load of information is well available at the Morgeez Official Events website. What else can you tell the world about this competition?

A. Let me start with the part where you mention the word, “competition”. At Morgeez, we believe that competition is the main tool for talent development. Beyond winning a certain package called, “Prize”, the experience in itself is worth more than anything I should say? This is because, the process of contesting at such competition like Morgeez Rap Battle Royale which in itself is a program of talent development, is a massive win-win situation for all contestants.

Having said that though, it is important for everyone to have a look at the many opportunities available through the competition at the Morgeez Official events portal.

There you have it. The Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, as according to its slogan, “its a lyrical war zone not a candy shop” will surely live up to its billing, and fans of music worldwide could rest assured of the quality of talents that will be revealed. If you need more info about the Morgeez Rap Battle Royale, simply log on to the Morgeez Community Center and post questions on the community forum. Otherwise to get your entry ticket to the event, click here.

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