Why You Can’t Drop Out of High School to Pursue a Music Career in 2022 and Beyond

Pursuing a Music Career. The temptation is obvious and becomes increasingly unavoidable for young teens as they grapple with the obvious reality in life; which is choosing a career path. Whilst the glitz and glamour of the music industry as perpetrated by the so-called mainstream artists are becoming increasingly in-your-face; the young teen will be torn apart in the process of making one of the most crucial decisions in their lives. Before we treat the topic with an iron fist or with a kid’s glove, let’s first and foremost put in perspective what a career in music or music career signifies.

What is A Career in Music or Music Career

A career in music would simply mean anyone who has dedicated their time in life to the pursuance of livelihood by engaging in any activities within the music industry. Before now, that I thought of writing this article, I had actually thought that what music career or a career in music entails is just being a music artist, music producer, beatmaker, artist manager, or anything that is obviously related to the artist or artistry, is what music careers are all about. But the more I go into it, the more I realize that it is way more than that.

Quite frankly, this notion that careers in music can only be centered around the artist is mostly the reason why most parents wouldn’t even wanna sit with their teens to discuss the possibilities of venturing into the music industry as a career path.

In the same vein, most teenagers would always think that the most lucrative path of the music industry is becoming an artist since the artists are the ones always in front of the camera, it only makes sense for them to think that way, but there’s more than meet the eye.

What Are the Main Career Paths Within The Music Industry?

In other not to get selfish by this, I had gone ahead to check out more information on what really are the possible career paths available in the music industry. Behold! what I found is amazingly interesting. Using the matrix career research tool in CareersinMusic.com, I stumbled upon hundreds of opportunities in the music industry using a 16 years old teen interested in singing and performing search parameters. See below opportunities found:

  • Songwriting
  • Music Recording
  • Music Production
  • Singing
  • The Music Business
  • Music Industry Touring
  • Piano & Keyboard
  • Composer
  • Lyricist
  • Guitar
  • Becoming a Studio Musician
  • Music Publishing
  • Music Journalism & Writing
  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Working in Radio
  • Becoming a Live Sound Technician
  • Music Merchandising
  • Working in Music Education
  • Rapper
  • Drumming
  • Symphony & Orchestra
  • Music Therapy
  • Becoming a DJ
  • Bass Guitar

Please note that if you are an older person, the opportunities are different. This means that the music industry is a whole world without end. Not just being the artist in front of the camera.

Furthermore, when you proceed to choose your most passionate item or career path on the list, they would lead you to their recommended institutions where you have to study at an advanced level to bag a degree and become a professional at what you love. Isn’t that beautiful?

Do not drop out of high school because of music career, instead use education to your advantage in your music career.

Christopher Odiley

Why You Shouldn’t Drop Out of High School for a Career in Music or Music Career?

Having shown you the long and endless list of career paths in the music industry, it will also make sense that one realizes that the above-mentioned career paths are not built on natural talents alone.

In fact, most of the career paths in the music industry require much more than just talent which is good as a driving force. But other than that, one needs to acquire the proper and professional educational qualification to be properly equipped and be ready to explore even further within the music industry as a professional, just like Layers, Doctors, etc.

In a nutshell, You have to ensure you finish your high school properly with Good Grades that can get you into institutions of higher learnings. Where you can now channel all your energy towards bagging your degree in your chosen field within the music industry.


Conclusively, my argument is that you cannot quit high school for music nor quit college for music. In fact, you need both levels of education to excel in the industry that you are so much passionate about. Bottom line is that make sure you choose the career path in the music industry that you are most passionate about and complete your education circle on it, and you will surely reap the rewards on the longest terms.

What do you think about this topic? Does it really matter to complete an educational circle in your music career path? Would you really wanna drop out of high school to pursue a career in music? Please leave your comments below and click the share button on all your social networks icons to share the article to all your social media networks. You might just be saving someone’s music career.

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Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley is a music industry expert with a special focus on talent development, music consulting, music production, and music publishing. Christopher Odiley is also a talent manager infusing mentoring into his artist management duties. The Founder and Executive Producer of Morgeez Meia Agency trading as Morgeez Records based in South Africa and Nigeria respectively

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