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New Artists Booking Agency Platform Introduced

Written by on 30th March 2023

Performing for a live audience and getting booked for all times of gigs is the main source of income for the modern day musicians including voice over artists, actors, models and other talents for that matter.

The artists and talent booking process is one that requires commitment from a booking agency. But looking at the trends, how can an agency function properly without the proper instruments to perform such artists booking agency services?

The answer to the above question, has been provided for, by the Morgeez Artists Booking Agency Platform.

About the Morgeez Artists Booking Agency Platform

The Morgeez Artists Booking Agency platform was created to provided an easy booking opportunities for both the artists and the promoter or clients respectively.

The aim is to simplify the talent booking process so much so, that the client or promoter can easily go through the detailed online biography of the artists, view his works, listen to his much, watch his videos and most importantly, learn the journey of the artist firsthand before place a booking request for the artist of their choice.

Advantage of the Artists Booking Platform to the musician

Among the many key elements to the booking platform, the artist or musicians or any other talent for that matter, can professionally showcase their talents and put themselves infront of music industry opportunities. Such as:

  • Getting booked for Gigs
  • Getting booked for collaborations
  • Getting corporate endorsement gigs

and many other opportunities.

How Does Artists or Musicians Achieve Bookings

The process of the musicians getting booked at the Morgeez Artists Booking platforms requires him or her to take the initial step of signup to the platform.  This covers setting up of the artists professional online profile that includes:

  1. Creating the artists Biography
  2. Compiling his or her discography
  3. Creating the artists’ videos and EPK profiles
  4. Creating his or her professional Photo gallery
  5. Linking all his Social Handles
  6. Loading his latest music releases

Once the above is done, the artist is then published live for opportunites. Click here to learn more or signup now.

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