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Music Submission Terms | Morgeez Radio

This music submission for play listing at Morgeez Radio International agreement form basis of the relationship between you, the artist or music creator and Morgeez Radio International as powered by Morgeez Records cc.

  1. The Submission Process

As an artist or music creator or producer or record label, you have taken the initiative to willingly submit your music to be play-listed on the Morgeez Radio Platform in order for your music or musical works to be promoted via Morgeez Radio International streaming online as an internet radio.

Henceforth you have agreed to submit your music through the Radio Play-listing submission form. The form has provided you the opportunity to furnish Morgeez Radio, relevant information that meets the requirements of information that will be used to identify your music on any of the Morgeez Radio Playlist.

You had agreed to submit the form with all form fields filled with the correct production information, creator information, distribution and every other information as the form requires.

2. Originality and Ownership of Musical Works

By submitting the said musical works for airplay, you have declared that you are the original owner of the musical works you are submitting.

You also declared that all producers, composers etc. that you have listed on the form are true and that, you had left no other person or group of persons involved in your musical project out of the list.

3. Permission to Stream and Playlist

By proceeding to submit your music for streaming and general play-listing on Morgeez Radio International, you have granted Morgeez total right and freedom to stream your music on the Morgeez Online Radio Station. And that streaming of your music can be made anywhere in the world without reprisals.

4. The Right to Promote

This agreement simply means you have granted Morgeez Radio International and all other Morgeez Records platforms including websites, subdomains and Social Media platforms throughout the world; the absolute right to stream your music form promotional purposes without any form of monetary compensation.

5. Infringement Liability.

Morgeez shall not be held responsible by any of your third party or your affiliates that might have identified any form of copyright infringements. By submitting your music for airplay or streaming play, you have agreed to this term that any copyright infringements, will be handled by yourself and your associates and such infringement settlements will not be responsibility of Morgeez but yours.

6. Understanding and Agreement

You here fore agreed and abide by this agreement and therefore exonerate Morgeez from any unwanted impact that may arise. And you hereby, submit your music to Morgeez Radio International for play-listing.


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