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Music Reviews | Closer Look at Frontline by Rapdon

Written by on 17th March 2023

The album, Frontline by Rapdon has become our topic of review today for obvious reasons. But the question is, why reviewing an album that was releasesd in 2012? What’s so important in this album? Alot has changed musicially since then.

The above questions are honestly valid except to say, one cannot escape the fact that this album, Frontline, is a great body of work that cannot be ignored.

Another crucial reason was the fact that the album was never promoted even as exclusive as the body of work is, the need for duely introducing this album to the world atlarge is mandatorily obvious.

Whats in the Album?

The album consists of 12 tracks. The cool thing about this album is that all tracks are written and performed by Christopher Odiley. The man known as Rapdon as a stage name.

Tracks includes:

  1. Jozi
  2. See You There
  3. Money Makes The World
  4. Let’s Ride
  5. Mama Don’t Cry and others. See full track list here.


The album is a total expression of the talent of Rapdon both as a songwritter, record producer and rapper. This grand piece of musical work showcases how an individual with massive talent can combine passion, dedication and skills to produce such an enigmatic musical project known as “Frontline”.

Now, the coolest thing of all is that, this album was produced by Rapdon himself with all recordings, mixing and masterings at the Morgeez Recording Studios, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Frontline by Rapdon

Frontline by Rapdon – Album Reviews

Where to Stream or Download Album

Going through the contents of each tracks in the album in this review will surely take more time than one would have expected. Hence it is highly recommended that you listen to the tracks right away, whether you are at work or home, just click here to stream all tracks.

Tracks Information

The album as a whole has been categorized as “classic”. The fact that every single track in the album talked about and deals with real-life issues, makes it an unavoidable musicial work.

A stream down all tracks will reveal to you what various tracks covers including subject matters such as love, heartbreaks, trials, tribulations, motivations, inspiration and success stories.

Happy Streaming and please share this article. Thanks. Remember to drop your comment below.

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