Music Promotion

Music Promotion Services

Promote Your Music on all available online platforms.

Get constant radio airplay rotation both in mainstream and online radios

Music Submission for Radio Airplays
Start a radio tour for radio interviews, guest appearances on radio programs and other radio promotional activities.
Major Internet Radio Platforms
Music promotion through radio airplays

  • Register to become a member
  • Chose a radio promotion package
  • Purchase your desired package
  • Submit your music, bio relevant profile
  • We review your submissions
  • We advise on recordings/mix quality
  • We submit to nation/local radio station networks
  • We submit to internet radios for global airplays

Ready to be heard? Are your ready to step into fame and fortune?

Music Video Submission to TV Channels

Choose a Package
Choose from our tv promotion plans.
You can choose to be promoted on national tv, global tv networks, internet channels or on all platforms.
Send Music Video
Send tv broadcast quality of music videos
Morgeez team is able to advise on video concepts, production to post production so you can have tv quality videos. Contact us for help!
Enjoy Results
Constant airplay rotation on selected tv channels
Once we help you through the video production process or you have sent us a guaranteed broadcast quality video, you're ready for stardom.
Be Seen Worldwide!
Start a Television Tour for TV interviews, guest appearances on local and national programs and very many more tv promotional activities.
Get featured on National, International and Online TV Stations

  • Purchase your desired package
  • Submit your biography
  • We review your submissions
  • We advise on video mix quality
  • We submit to national/local tv station networks
  • We submit to internet tv channels for global airplay
  • Identify more appreciative tv stations for your genre
  • Followup on airplay rotation

Ready to be heard? Are your ready to step into fame and fortune?

Contents Marketing for Artists

Digital PR, Artists Websites and Blog

Morgeez develops digital PR with rich contents aimed specifically at promoting the artists in various digital media publishing platforms. Part of this includes artist publication in entertainment blogs, featured in blogs and online magazines, personal website for artist and much more.

Morgeez Artists PR division works with talent, companies and various brands to develop variety of campaigns, identifying their objectives and formulating publicity activities, that benefits both the artist and associated brands. From creating strategies for talents, to appearances, exclusive live events, experiential, activation, influencer marketing, and more,

Morgeez will delivers on special artists website (hosting & design), music blogs and magazines, social contents advise and development.

Are you ready for the lime-lite? Ready to get the right publicity to make you a superstar?
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