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Music Industry 2022: Looking at Better Ways forward for Independent Music Artists

Written by on 13th December 2021

No matter how much fame you have acquired in the music industry as a signed artist, sometimes or most times it keeps appearing that fame isn’t just enough. Famous artists have been seen in most cases locking horns with labels with counterclaims and claims of irregular business behaviors by their hosting company and the combats sometimes result in unbearable litigation costs and resultant abandonment by the partners which in most times results in becoming even broke. It’s all dicey situations when it comes to the package called “artists signing” in the music business.

What is the Future of the Music Industry as it Relates to the Independent Artists in 2022?

The title “Independent Artist” has been on the radar since the beginning of time. While this put more freedom into the hand and life of the artist, but it’s a dreadful idea for most artists as this also put the burden of all the countless workload that embodies the music industry on the shoulder of the artists.

surviving as an independent artist 2022 in the music industry
independent artists 2022

While some artists have embraced this idea of being independent, the majority wouldn’t even wanna entertain the sound of it. For sure, everybody values their freedom but at what cost? We all know how expensive it is to be alone or be the sponsor of a music project and at the same time be the creator and also be in charge of all the technical aspects of production to distribution.

Having painted the above picture, the question is what is the way forward. The picture and structure of the music industry is a dreadful one, but what can we do to maintain a certain stable degree of sustainability when it comes to the music industry? Just continue reading…

Is it really worth it to go the Independent Route?

If you are like me, a purely independent soul, you would appreciate even the idea of independence. Although not without the pains of cost and emotions. But you may savor the opportunity.

But if you think the contrary, it is all okay as pursuing your music career or any career for that matter is a matter of choice when it comes to the process of approach.

Looking Ahead of Time as an Independent Artist

We are now going to take a look at some of the immediate relief measures when it comes to how you can approach your career as an independent artist. The below will inform a proper decision-making process that can help propel you for the road ahead as a young artist or if you have been down the road, they may contribute to a more refined decision-making process.;

  • Get a Mentor. For me, this is important as having all the financial capability. You need an experience mind and brain to help you steer the ship.
  • Get a talent or artists manager that shows resourcefulness. Crucial to help getting things done.
  • Start using smalller and affordable qaulity recording studios and music producers
  • Look for smaller online magazine and effective communication companies to promote your music and handling of your PR
  • Effective online streaming radio will be very good partners to work with on a more closer relationship level.
  • The time has also come to work with smaller and independent music distribution companies or platforms that can help you through that distribution process.

By and large, the smaller your targeted groups that you wanna work with, the closer you get to them and the more effective their services will impact your goal and the better your chance of achieving your dream.


There are so many ways to approach your music career as an independent artist come 2022 and going forward. My intention is not to elongate this article but to be very concise as much as possible. You can click on the links above and get acquainted.

It is important to note that, going the independent route has so many advantages as it saves you so many troubles but also comes with its own bundle of toughness. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended if we want to have a music industry that is futuristic with expansive tendencies.

Leave your comments below. Remember to share this article with all your social media handles as you might be saving someone’s music career. For any business inquiries, kindly contact us at the Morgeez Support Desk. Or check out some of the media agency services we can immediately help you with here.

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