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Music Constulting and Artists Starter Kit Production Packages

Newbie Musicians or Talents must:
  1. Acquire the Career Guidance Consultation Packages
  2. Acquire the Production of Stater Kit Package

Experienced Musicians must:

Acquire the Music Consultation Package.

Music Consultancy Services for the musician

PRICE: $195.95


3-4x Hours Consultation with Morgeez Artist Managers

Choose either Zoom or In-person

Suitable for Independent Musicians

Small businesses and others.

Explore how to make it and live your dream

Visually (Audio Call or Video Call)

Include Option of Face-to-Face Meeting

Ask Unlimited Questions

Get the right answers for right head-start

Musicians Starter Kit Production

The Artists or Musician Starter Kits PRODUCTION rates below are mandatory for talents that hasn’t done much in their career. No lies, No fooling around. Talent is always real. So, get your starter kit professionally produced by Morgeez Production and let’s get to work.

PRICE: $1120.00

Performance Screentest and Feedback

Introductory show-reel

Artists Profile Photoshoot

1x EPK (electronics press kit)

Online Professional Portfolio created on Morgeez Talent Booking Portal


PRICE: $1720.95

Create your online biography in a professional manner (Valued at USD120)

Prepare your online profile at Morgeez Artists Booking Agency Portal (Valued at USD130)

Publish your biography in the Morgeez Magazine (Valued at USD90)

Announce your artist profile across all social media platforms

List your music on Morgeez Radio for promotional streaming

One Special Promotional Podcast – radio interview (Valued at USD350)

Above all engage an artist agent agreement

Be rest assured that once your purchase is processed, which is always automatically done by PayPal, we will then contact you immediately to initate the process by setting up and confirming our first appointment with you. virtually or physically depending on your location in the world.



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