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Media Skills Training Program Information

Practical Media Skills Training Plan | Youth Empowerment Program

Take advantage of the Morgeez media skills training program. Opportunity for candidates to learn and perform practical aspects of their degree or certificates at the various Morgeez departments.

This is an open door opportunity for college graduates or other higher level institution graduates who lack experience to gain employment immediately.

And who, by the way, weren’t thought the required practical’s at their respective institutions. Hence the Morgeez Mentor-ship Program was created to provide the much needed practical workplace experience that is compulsorily required in the job market.

This era of 4th to 5th industrial revolution, the jobs are better performed by those with the right education and the right practical experience.

Why Join The Morgeez Skills Training Program

Practical workplace experience is a highly crucial aspect of the media production and publishing industry.  No matter your educational qualification or degree, every media company requires maximum practical experience to enable them open their doors for you. This is what the Morgeez Media Production and Publication Training Program is all about. During this period of training you at Morgeez, you are exposed to our media production secrets from planning, to concepts development, to production and post production. Very important aspect is our ability to also coach you on publishing Technics and mechanisms. 

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Nature of the Training Program

Because Morgeez is a fully creative and production startup, our working environment is loaded with more of practical hands-on activities. The Morgeez Media Production Training Program aimed at developing your practical skills and work experience in the area of your profession. So, it is highly important to get this practical learning opportunity through a thorough mentor-ship program set to get you started in life. 


Media Training Fields: Here are some of the media production and publication disciplines readily available for practical mentor-ship includes:- videography, photography, sound engineers, music production, talent promotion, blogging, graphic designs, contents researchers, video editing, event planning, tv/radio presenting and anything related.



Minimum Qualification or Education Level: We are only able to accommodate and accept applicants from Secondary (High School), Colleges or Universities. Minimum qualification ranges from Matric or Secondary School Certificate, college certificate of NQF Level 4 or University Degree in any of the above mentioned professions.


  1. Activities scheduled as per 4X Classes per Month at the Morgeez Studios.
  2. Classes takes place every Saturday between the hour of 10am to 2pm


Candidates can choose between any of the below duration blocks. And can be extended based on candidates wishes.

  1. 4 Months period
  2. 6 Months Period
  3. 12 Months Period

Endless Opportunities:

We are in Media and a Full Service Media Production company. So, we are very specific about the kind of people we can accommodate into our Training Program. If you are fresh from some FET College, some University and you now need the practical experience to backup your certificate or degree? Then this program is meant for you.

The media industry is more practical and hands-on in nature so theory don’t really do the jobs. Practical work experience in real-time, is what is needed in all aspect of the media industry. So, for you to get ahead of your pears, join the Morgeez Training program today.

Very Special Note:
Please note that this is not a government sponsored initiative so, you pay for the services and opportunity we have provided you, of being mentored and practically trained by us.. We are here to equip you with the practical experience you desperately needed as per job markets requirements. 


As a matter of principle and passion for industry that we love so much; and as a matter of our Founder (Mr. Christopher Odiley’s) love for development of the African youth across all races and demographics, Morgeez is committed to ensuring that you are properly mentored, coached and prepared for your various job markets. We love our society, we love our world and we are fully prepared to contribute to human talent development in our own small ways. We believe that when youths are skillful, talented and properly mentored, the country will have a better growth rate and a better future and with potential of even becoming one of the greatest nation on earth.


After a successful completion of the Training program, that is, when a candidate completes his or her selected duration, candidates must have acquired the necessary practical workplace experience that they can use to backup their degree or certificate and ready for the job market. 

Perfect the art of…

  • Audio Recording, arrangements and audio final mix
  • effects processing and mixing automation
  • software audio mastering technics
  • Video Recording and editing

Additional Outcome Includes:…

  • Knowledge of Music Business

  • Knowledge of Talent Retional and Talent Management Skills.

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