This is a special service category dedicated to talent development. This is to provide the necessary assistance of basic talent mentoring and development that both the media and music industry desperately needs.

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N0sCategoryService PackagesPricingAff. COMM.
Career Guidance for Musicians$195.95USD12%
Career Guidance for Other Talents$175.00USD10%
Consulting for Artists Managers$218.55USD10%
14.Talent Development
Mentorship for Musicians and Actors$205.00USD15%
On Camera Screentest$154.00USD10%
Voice Grooming Class$222.00USD12%
Profile Photo Shoot$300.67USD15%
Show Reel production$532.51USD12%
Voiceovers Demos Production$154.30USD10%
15.Talent Representation
Musicians Representation Stater Kit500.95USD15%
Actors & Other Representation Starter Kit$312.17USD12%

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