This page shares, information about the Morgeez Media Services as it relates to music production and studio rental rates. These suggested purchasable studio rates. But various production processes requires different approaches so clients are open to brief us about their production and in-turn request a specially customized quote.

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N0sCategoryService PackagesPricingAff. COMM
6.Audio Studios Rates
Music Recording Studio$25.20USD10%
Podcast Studio Rate x hr$35.34USD10%
Radio Ads & Jingles Studio Booking x hr$65.65USD10%
Recording Engr Standalone Fees x hr$20.16USD10%
Audio Mastering per Track$60.32USD10%
7. Photo Shoot Rates
Indie Photo Shoot Package$284.38USD12%
Premium Photo Shoot Package$1,420.59USD15%
Events Photo Shoot Package$1,720.28USD15%
8. Video Production
Chroma Video Studio Hire x Full Day$410.00USD10%
Basic Music Video$3,162.50USD10%
Executive Video Profile Shoot$596.67USD10%
Products or Services Demo Video Shoot$1,895.00USD15%
Events Video Coverage and Production$2,385.10USD15%
9.Faded Red Promo
For Record Labels and Music Producers$1,600.00USD10%
For Advertising Agencies$2,460.00USD10%

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