Affordable music industry services created for the independent musicians, independent music producers and record industry. These are media service packages relating specifically to music production, music promotion packages, and music distribution services plans within the independent music industry sector.

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N0sCategoryService PackagesPricingAff. COMM.
10.Music Promotion
Breaking Your Story on Morgeez Mag$90.00USD8%
Promotional Radio – Podcast Interview$160.00USD10%
Guaranteed Music Promotion Package$290.00USD12%
Complete Artist Marketing Kits$5,980.00USD15%
11.Music Distribution
Morgeez Streaming Service x Annum$25.00USD10%
Sets of Barcodes$25.00USD10%
12.Music Production
Single Track Production $371.00USD10%
EP Production$655.00USD10%
10 Tracks Album Production$1,451.00USD15%

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