Morgeez Media Agency has wide range of marketing services from the ground up to push your public relation needs in other to enhance your overall brand Marketing strategy.

We have created easy plans and packages that you can purchase as you go and we provide accordingly or you may decide to work with us on a retainer basis, as your official media agency. From the small business owner to the corporates entity, from the Non-Profit Organization to Medium to Large companies we are glad to serve you.

Here’s a quick run-through of the boutique Public Relation and Brand Marketing Strategy plans offer by Morgeez Media Agency. We are open to special briefing as per your needs.

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N0sCategoryService PackagesPricingAffiliate COMM
1Public Relation Services10%
5-Points PR Plan$322.56USD
Brand Publicity Tool Kit – Monthly$2,222.93USD
15-Points PR Plan$2,781.58USD
Full Brand Promotion Strategy$4,360.34USD
Monthly Press Release Starter$159.39USD
2Podcasting for Brands10%
Virtual Podcast Interview | Audio only$185.00USD
Virtual Podcast Interview | Audiovisual$300.00USD
Podcast Interview for Small Business$480.00USD
Business Podcast for Companies$1,484.65USD
Business Podcast – Agency Grade Production$2,366.70USD
3.Magazine Banner Ads15%
160x600px Left or Right Side Banner$85.00USD /M
300x250px – Posts Side Bar Banner$96.00USD /M
300x600px Frontpage Banner$125.00USD /M
460x60px Header Banner$175.00USD /M
4. Web Design
Personal or Band Website$274.00USD10%
Small to Medium Business Website$374.00USD
Brand Identity and Portfolio Website$574.00USD
5.Web Hosting0%
Room A$12USD
Room B$25USD
Room C$30USD

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