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Morgeez Media Agency

Morgeez Media Agency provides key contents creation services that centered around audio and video production. In this era of internet and social media marketing, Morgeez is able to assist clients with production of quality audio and video contents. Please take a look below, or simply send us a production request through the Morgeez Contact Center 

Audio and Video content creation

The Morgeez Legacy Studios forms part of our strength as a media agency. For quick delivery of audio and video production services as an agency, our recording and editing studios becomes very handy and helpful.

Recording Studios Includes:
  1. Audio Recording Studios 
  2. Photo Shoot Studios
  3. Chroma Video Recording Studios

You can easily make bookings online:

Public Relation Strategy Plans

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Public Relations

Let us recreate your brand communication strategy with tools that works. See pricing packages

Podcasting for Business

Opportunity to share your brand stories, the ways customers can understand uninterrupted. Book a Podcast Interview session today. Click here.

Showcase with Banner Advertising

Place banner ads on Morgeez Magazine and across Morgeez websites and platforms on the internet. See Plans and Packages.

contents writing and publishing

Lets write constructive and apealing article about your business, products, services or about your brand image.  See pricing and bookings.

radio DJ job opportunity

Business Podcasting

Use the Morgeez Podcast Production services to tell your stories the simplest ways your prospects can understand. Learn more or book your podcasting session here.

video presenter job

marketing video 

We produce expressive web videos of all kinds about your brand, products and services. . Learn more Or see packages here.

Morgeez Launches own Music Streaming Service

Checkout our PR and Brand Marketing Packages here.

web hosting and web design

Web Design and Web Hosting

A cute lilltle website just like this one, properly created and designed to suit your business or brand is highly important for your overall online presence and customer relation. Morgeez is capable of designing, maintaining and hosting that all important website for you.

Learn more

Become an Affiliate - EARN COMMISSIONS

Either ways, we can always work together. Simply Join the Morgeez Affiliate Program and let’s partner with you. It’s a win, win for both of us. Click button below to get started.

affiliate program
What’s the Morgeez Affiliate Program All About?
It is an opportunity for you to actually work in the creative industry. As our partner, you simply refer customers to the Morgeez Website and anyone who purchases of any services through your unique referral link, will be recorded on your affiliate account and you get paid percentage of any amount they spend on the website.


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