The Brand PR Strategy That Works

A Media Agency at Your Finger Tip

The media service plans and pricing carefully conceptuatlized for affordability and ease of access. Each service group has affordable prices and options that clients are able to choose from. You simply place an order, and we provide the service. Easy!

Morgeez Magazine

Print it on black and whit so no body can forget you.

Morgeez Radio

Tell your stories the simplest ways your prospects can get it.


Platform for sharing your messages through audio-visuals

Public Relation and Brand Marketing Strategy Plans

Public Relations

Let us recreate your brand communication strategy with tools that works.

Podcasting for Marketing

Opportunity to share your brand stories, the ways customers can understand uninterrupted.

Showcase with Banners

Place banner ads on Morgeezz Magazine and across every ad space on the internet.

Maintain Online Presence

No better ways to showcase your brand than your own effective website.

Studio Rental Rates

In-House Studios

The Morgeez Legacy Studios forms part of our strength as a media agency. For quick delivery of production services as an agency, our recording and editing studios becomes very handy and helpful.

Our Studios Includes:

Audio Studios Rates

Photo Shoot Studios

Video Production Studios

See Faded Red Promo

morgeez studios

Music Production & Promotion Service Plans

As a media agency, music or sound of all different shapes and tones for various purposes including backtracks, ringtones, soundtracks for movies, recorded commercial music, radio ads and others all forms part of our production expertise.

music distribution service by morgeez

Music Promotion

Beyond random contents posting on socials, there are more constructive and rewarding ways of promoting your music. We gat this!

Music Distribution

Everything independent is the future of music industry. So take advantage now. Own your music rights 100% with Morgeez Music Distribution

Music Production

Affordable music production packages that makes it easy for the music creators, record labels and even ad agencies to create the music with peace of mind.

Talent Related Services

Our Founder, Mr. Christopher Odiley, has this gigantic vision to have every single young person passionate about the media, music and performing art industry, developed to full potential.

talent development program at morgeez

Understanding is key to the success of any business or talent performance routines. The Morgeez Talent consulting sessions is a sure way of getting young talents understand their industry and finding better ways to get started in other to avoid common mistakes.

Talent Development

Knowledge is Power – so, they said. And to cap it all, you've gotto learn something, to know something. This is the bottom line of the Morgeez Talent Development program that offers coaching and mentoring for young talents.

Talent Representation

What if you have all the talent in the world, but have no proper management and mentoring? This is where talent representative or talent management comes to play and you can count on Morgeez to deliver on this one.

Either ways, we can always work together. Simply Join the Morgeez Affiliate Program and lets partner with you. Its a win win for both of us. Click button below to get started.

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