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Watch Meek Mill Appeared and Performed Live on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

meek mill performs live at the tonight show with jimmy fallon
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“People like myself we actually get the bad end of the stick,” he said. “Not saying that we shouldn’t be punished for criminal activity or you should not go to jail if you commit a crime, but probation was designed for one to help better themselves.” Meek also revealed that his probation got extended from 10 to 16 years, meaning he’ll be off probation in 2023.

“I come from a neighborhood where young black males lose their life on a daily basis. Families lose their lives or are broken up because of the system,” he said. “Mothers and fathers and kids are raised around addicts. We made it through all of that and just to have the support of the people. Like when I was in jail I watched the news and seen people rallying around and supporting my incarceration. I’ve been going to jail for a traffic ticket. I left this show, popped a wheelie and I was in jail since.”

Source Camille Augustin

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