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Snac Matic Drops a Bombshell

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Snac Matic drops his dopest record as yet. “The Delic Love” E.P, packed with a blend of soulful, trap, r&b flavors. This self released EP is an example of how seriously Snac Matic lyrical prowess deserves to be absolved into the mainstream hip hop music scene in SA. With a combination of flow and lyrical contents like this one, no doubt Snac Matic has come to claim his spot and ride into the big league of both local and international hip hop music world.

Born and bred in Alexandra (also known as Gomora on the streets) in South Africa; Snac-Matic – known as Snac – is a talented musician who – apart from already being highly experienced as a performer – continues on a daily basis to dwell in the lifestyle of perfecting his skill of rhyming and performing. His music is influenced by his surroundings and his roots of being born in the township – known as the “hood” in the circles of the artistic industry that he represents. From street-talk, reality lifestyle situations and personal experiences he delivers highly influential messages through his music.

Snac Matic aim to establish Township Hip Hop Summit where rap artists, producers, industry execs, record
labels, music retail outlets, corporate, government as well as the music genre’s following/fans itself will gather to
find ways in building and improving the music genre itself. In the words of one of his industry mates; “the spirit
of Tupac has ascended on Africa through Snac Matic.” Who says artist ain’t doing great in business?

Checkout Snac Matic records here