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Rolling Stone Launches New Music Charts Service | Billboard Charts Might be in Panic

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Rolling Stone Magazine has being in a driving force as an entertainment publication. Now, the all new music chart by rolling stone is here to set a new trend for the Music Chart calculation and publication. The all new music chart platform by Rolling Stone aims to calculate and publish music charts based on albums or singles sales, streams and other measurement criteria on a daily basis and finalized weekly. This is a very strange move and a new competition standard for rivals like the Billboard music chart and others.

Music chart by rolling stone
Music chart by rolling stone

Rolling Stone Music Charts Might Change the Game Forever

The music chart industry has being dominated solely by the Billboard Charts with barely no competition. But with the advent of this new platform by Rolling Stone, how would music chart calculation be perceived from now onward? Would there be more dispute and disregard or even disagreement with the way music charts are published by these different bodies or would it be healthy for the music industry? These are the questions bugging the minds of music industry players and fans alike. Baring in mind the recent billboard chart dispute by DJ Khaled which almost resulted in court cases.

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