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Press Release: Minister Congratulates America’s Got Talent Contestants |The Ndlovu Limpopo Youth Choir

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America’s Got Talent experienced first-hand, Original African Cultural Music Performances as The Ndlovu Limpopo Youth Choir performed “My African Dream” to a standing ovation from both audience and Judges. And the Sport, Arts and Culture Minister officially congratulates the South African Choir.

Minister Congratulates Choir and Remains Proud of their Works

Official Press Release

“Minister Nathi Mthethwa would like to congratulate the Ndlovu Youth Choir’s stunning performance on the stage of the television show America’s Got Talent. These youngsters after their exhilarating performance, got 4 yesses from the judges, including the famous Simon Cowell.

The America’s Got Talent show is one of the biggest talent show in the world and the winning act receives a life-changing prize and global recognition. Their performance of “My African Dream”, conducted by choir director Ralf Schmitt, composed by SA-born Alan Lazar, aired on United States television on Tuesday night, 25 June 2019. This performance of the choir is but a drop in the ocean of the craft available in South Africa.

Acknowledgement and appreciation goes to the work that has been done the choir director, Ralf Schmitt in paving a way and allowing the youngsters to experience and participate in such a prestige’s show. The work and selfless time given does not go unnoticed.

The group all the way from Limpopo in South Africa blew the audience and judges away. They showcased the beauty and diverse nature of South African and Africa as a continent, they represented and you gave so much hope.

Their performance was said to have “transported us to where you’re from and it was so beautiful and so magical said Julianne Hough, one of the Judges on America’s Got Talent. And Simon Cowell also a judge said “We’ve always been waiting for a choir like this, something we’ve never heard before with your energy bouncing off me right there”

The 4 affirmative responses from the judges paved a way for the choir to the next round! And we wi