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EP.9 K-Kida on Future of SA Hip Hop Music

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EP.9 K-Kida on Future of SA Hip Hop Music
Voice of The Underground

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Introducing K-Kida. This Kid has proven that he is the real deal when it comes to hip hop music in South Africa. The tag “Underground” Hip hop will not really mean a thing as if being as talented as K-Kida is what will make you qualify for that tag.

This is one of the youngest producer in SA with vast knowledge of the music industry from writing original songs to producing and releasing songs. K-Kida has a wealth of knowledge that he share in this exclusive up close and personal interview at the Morgeez Podcast.

No matter how long you have being in the music industry working as a producer or as a recording artist or even an indie record label owner, this is one interview you have to really listen to. Its a bundle of knowledge. Enjoy it.

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