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Nelly and Rape Accuser Settled Out of Court

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The celebrity rape cases train finally left Nelly behind as the woman who claimed he raped her on a tour bus in the Seattle area last October, have reached a settlement regarding their respective lawsuits, TMZ has just revealed

Monique Greene, had filed a lawsuit claiming Nelly had demanded to and had sex with her inside his tour bus against her will.

On the other hand, Nelly was also reported to have file a counter suit which claiming he was being defamed since the two had consensual sex. And was later dropped as well as both Nelly and Monique reached a mutual agreement to finally settled out of court.

Nelly’s lawyer told TMZ that both sides agreed to dismiss their suits and no money was exchanged. Greene’s attorney, Karen Koehler, confirmed both parties dismissed the cases but refuted the claim that no money was involved in the settlement.