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NBA Brawl – punches traded at Houston Rockets and Lakers match

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Even the Pros fights for their dreams. When tension runs high and passion flares in flame, all hell will be broken loose. Exactly what happens at the Rockets and Lakers derby

In the Lakers’ first game at Staples Center of the new regular season, an entertaining matchup was brewing with the Houston Rockets, with an exciting finish on the cards.

Then, all hell broke loose.

After James Harden was fouled on his way to the rim, the Lakers’ Brandon Ingram pushed him, leading to a face-off between multiple players, including Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul.

aul appeared to poke Rondo in the eye, with the Lakers point guard then responding with a swipe; multiple players ultimately getting involved in the scuffle. James pulled Paul, a close friend of his, away from the melee.

Post-game, Paul and his Rockets teammates accused Rondo of spitting, leading to the reaction from the Houston point guard. During the post-fight scenes, we can see Paul wiping his face. None of the vision of the fight clearly show any spitting.

Ingram returned to the scene and appeared to throw a punch in the midst of the chaos between Paul and Rondo, with coaches from both benches then joining the all-in, in order to separate the players.

Ingram, Rondo, and Paul were all ejected from the game.