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Meek Mill honored as a Top Songwriter by NMPA

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NMPA, the trade organisation that represents the interest of Music Publishers has paged through their member songwriters and decided to throw a huge honor on the music career of Philadelphia born international rap star, Meek Mill.

The honor of being a Top Songwriter is a certification that the individual ability to write good lyrics and great musical contents is being acknowledged. Taking this into account, when one look at the popular songs from rap music point of view, lyrical contents has being a stumbling block as of recent, as the ability to turn songs with rich lyrical contents into commercial success has weaned over the years.

Meek Mill who is no stranger to being honored in his illustrious music career, has being lucky enough to have being honored with his Own Day by the City of Atlanta, the McSilver Awards honor by the University of New York , His own day honor in Philly and a host of others.