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Lil Wyane Honors Kobe in his New 24 Tracks Album and 24 Seconds Of Silence

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Lil Wyane’s new album, “Funeral”, is his 13th studio album released on Friday. Rapper honors Kobe Bryant with 24 Seconds of Silence depicting the Jersey number 24 that is synonymous with the Lakers mega star and NBA Icon.

When probed at Undisputed about the numbers of tracks in the album, the rapper was quick to explain that it is a coincidence that his 24 tracks in the album and the number 24 of Kobe happens to be just numbers without any relationship or any form of predictions as pundits would likely termed it to seem.

Meanwhile, Wayne actually screamed out “Black Mamba” in the chorus of one of the song on the new album — called “Ball Hard.”

Source TMZ

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