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KYLE’s “Moment” featuring Wiz Khalifa

Listen to KYLE's new release "Moment" featuring Wiz Khalifa.

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If you’re unaware, hip-hip artist Kyle is starring in the newly-released Netflix film The After Party, which also includes cameos from Wiz KhalifaPusha TDJ KhaledFrench MontanaJadakissTeyana Taylor and more. To coincide with the film hitting Netflix today, KYLE decides to come through and share a new song in its support called “Moment,” featuring T.G.O.D general Wiz Khalifa.

Just as the title depicts, Kyle delivers an uplifting & inspirational anthem that finds him rapping about being in his moment, while Wiz shows off his different flows & raps about rolling up weed and needing half a million for an appearance, among other things. “I just wanna roll one/ They gon’ talk about you bad until they see you glow up/ Put me in your building, need a half a mil to show up/ I don’t see the dealer, need a pound and I’ma grow one,” Wiz spits.

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Hop in the coupe and I\’m swerving lanes
No new friends, I\’m curvin\’ lames
My niggas solid, stay the same
I see the top, that\’s my favorite place
Going to work, don\’t got time to waste
Takin\’ my time, I ain\’t trying to race
I\’ma stay all on my grind
Stackin\’ my G\’s to the sky
Rollin\’ that weed with my guys” style=”style-17″ align=”left” author_name=”Kyle” author_job=”Featuring Wiz Khalifa”][/bs-quote]

Source Kevin Goddard