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Kobe Bryant : Memorabilias flying of the shelves at exorbitant prices | As Fake Dealers Cash-in

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NBA Mega Star, Kobe Bryant’s passing has seen his memorabilia’s sales quadrupled. Like in most celebrity passing, as the prices of their souvenirs and memorabilia soars, so also fake dealers takes advantage of the situations to push fake semblance of the goods.

For example, a game-worn and signed Kobe jersey from the 2004-2005 season was expected to hit $6,000 before his death … but pre-bidders have already bumped the price to a starting $6,500 and the auction still runs for another month!

Kobe Bryant signed basketball

Another high-end dealer who didn’t want to be mentioned by name says an extremely rare Kobe basketball card (which was originally expected to sell around the $2,500 range) has sold in the private market after Kobe’s death for nearly $50,000. According to TMZ

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