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Arnold Schwarzenegger Got Kicked by a Guy who wants a Lambrogini

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The Annual Arnold Sports Festival events took place in Johannesburg this past weekend where the unexpected happened. While Arnold Schwarzenegger was meeting, greeting adoring fans and signing autographs in a sports complex, a man jumped on him from behind with a flying kick just like you will see in a the terminator movie series.

The incident happened in a flash that not even the hefty tons of body guards surrounding the world renown actor and former Governor of California State were able to respond defensively quick enough before the man’s feet dropped right at his back shoving him to stagger forward.

As the man got bundled away by the Terminator Actor’s bodyguard, he could be heard yelling, “help me”, “I need a lambrogini”.

Surprisingly, as dangerous as the incident was to the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the ComMando brave man and former Olympia Champ has decided not to press charges against this attack perpetrator. In a tweet he thanked everyone for their support and stated:

No doubt, this incident once again revealed how strong the 71 years old former body builder and multi award winning stunt man, actor, politician and philanthropist really is. He has since moved on announcing his new film project, the Terminator film series shooting scheduled to be completed and released in November, 2019.

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