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Why You Need Press Releases for Outreach as a Brand

Written by on 17th April 2022

The news has become a circle of social media handles. Billions of unfiltered contents have made their way through the unfiltered ocean of contents known as the “Social Media”. The saturation is enormous and light-hearted. Some have even dubbed the sea of contents floating around nowadays as “FAKE News”.

The above analogy of the news space is undeniably realistic in modern times. Hence the hunger for an authentic piece of news items has developed into dependence on Press Releases.

What Are Press Releases?

According to an email campaign recently released by Morgeez Media Agency, the definition of the press release was concise and straight to the point like a hammer driving a nail into the wooden curve.

Press releases are hand-crafted information tailor-made for a particular announcement about a product or service.

This can be about your entire brand introducing new services or launching new products.

Christopher Odiley

The campaign further went to depict Press Releases as the most authentic news pieces and sources as they are always original press cut from the original owner of the story.

Who Should be Using Press Releases

Research has shown that every business entity will, at one point or the other, needs to make announcements, release some special information or perhaps launch a new product or seek opportunities to promote existing products or services.

Hence the Morgeez campaign has pointed the primary users of press releases to include:

  • Any business entity from small to super large, multinational corporations. 
  • Entertainment, industry players, and obviously celebrities to starter-players.
  • Any business entity or organization wishing to send out authentic information about their products, services, or events,

How to Publish Your Press Releases

Quite frankly, as a business, you need a creative media agency to be in charge of your content from creation to publication.

Your company and your creative agency can always work together to come up with your scripted stories. Remember that, you, being your own news source, is how much as authentic as it can get.

Once your stories are authenticated by a publishing media house and verified by yourself once and again, then your story is ready for release which will then become an authentic story as a “Press Release”.


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As usual, please do share this story with all your social handles as you might be saving someone else’s business. If you have any thoughts about this article, please feel free to share in the comment box.

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