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Interview: What Does Being an Independent Artist Means to You

Written by on 21st February 2023

Many believe in different things, different directions and different ways when it comes to the most acceptable norm regarding the career of the musician.

Whilst some believe that no musician can survive without the major record labels, very few actually believes in themselves and thinks that they can achieve their own set goals.

Although there’s a landslide support for musicians themselves who believed they desperately needs to be signed by major record labels, but there’s a handful of artists worldwide who still believe that their music journey and all its activities should be their sole responsibility.

In an exclusive interview with Rapdon, the Rapper stretch the benefit of being an independent artist to include some of the rarely-thought-about angles of the common mindset of the artist in majority.

In summary of his answer, Rapdon believes that:

being independent comes with so much emotional success.
comes with opportunities to learn your trade and grow in it.


Although the interview was centered around the music career and opinion of Rapdon the artist with regards to the path he chose in his music career. Everyone in any profession can utilize his response to self-motivate.

Watch the highlight clip of the interview and make your opinion known by commenting below.

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