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How to Grow as an Independent Artist in 2023

Written by on 20th February 2023

This article is directly pointed at the music industry with a sharp focus on independent artists and his entire music career. Morgeez has been advocating the need for self-reliance and sustainability within the music industry for a long time now.

Looking at 2023 and beyond, there’s even a greater need and urge to be more self-reliant in other to effectively own your work and devise a proper means of generating a meaningful income through your craft.

And to this effect, Morgeez has been developing and testing various platforms geared towards achieving what it calls “a second-tier sustainable music industry”. This means a music industry where every independent artist survives.

Instruments of a Sustainable Music Industry

According to observations and many articles published the music industry, developing a level playing field where independent artists can earn a conducive living standard from their talent is paramount to the survival of the overall music industry.

This is why Morgeez, as an independent music company itself, has set up the following platforms:

  1. The Morgeez Radio Online,
  2. The Morgeez Magazine Online,
  3. The MorgeezTV Online,
  4. Morgeez Music Distribution,
  5. Morgeez Talent Management, and
  6. Morgeez Talent Development.

These platforms are all geared towards having access to effective online promotion of the independent artist’s music, merchandise, events, and other works. Using, streaming broadcasts, interviews, articles, and all related promotional methods. most of all access to music distribution.

Independent Artists Success in 2022
Independent Artists Success in 2022

Access to Dedicated Music Distribution

It’s common knowledge now that when an artist, records his or her music, the sales method is digital distribution. But the question, that has come across recently, is how much does independent artists actually earn from their music when placed on these platforms?

The report has it that without the independent artists putting the promotional gimmicks and works, there have been no sales or streaming values amounting to sustainable derivable income. This is why Morgeez has introduced its own music distribution platform that is dedicated to serving the independent music industry in such a way that enables us to be part of the promotional works that help to boost sales of the music in the store.

In other words, artists under the Morgeez music distribution platforms are not left to fend for themselves alone, when it comes to promoting the music and generating a buzz about their music in the store.

Music Promotion Initiatives for the Indie Artists

Once an artist has placed their music on the Morgeez Music Distribution platform, this automatically, grants the artist a free 30-45mins promotional interview on the Morgeez Radio and Morgeez Podcast distributed across multiple channels. A FREE Promotional article at Morgeez Magazine to seal your PR appetite as a music artist and most importantly, your music video logged on the MorgeezTV portal to accelerate your promotional efforts.

Talent Development Programs for the Music Artist:

We all know by now that knowledge is power. And no industry can survive without equipping its required talents. Hence Morgeez has created various talent development programs accessible through the Morgeez Events Portal. The various talent development program at Morgeez is capable of assisting the artist with the basic knowledge required to grow either as a performer or even as behind the scenes personnel.

Talent Management and Artists Represensation

The key to the success of any artist is proper management. Because the artist becomes a brand through his music career, a proper manager responsible for his activities and business dealings is paramount to his success. Hence in this regard, Morgeez Talent Agency is responsible for taking care of the management, bookings, and over-representation of the artists.

The career of an independent music artist cannot be complete without the services of a manager who knows the industry in and out. The Morgeez Talent Agency should be your port of call when it comes to proper representation.

Ownership of Works or Music Master Recordings

There’s no secret that the issue of ownership of musical works called master recordings has broken the relationship between record companies and artists This is why Morgeez has created the opportunity for indie artists to have access to basic music industry services with great affordability. So that they can turn their craft into a business.

This is to help independent artists bypass any form of irregular record deals and be able to access the important services that enable them to create, release and promote their works in the bid to become a complete, 100% independent with the right to ownership of Masters Recordings. Click here to learn more


In a nutshell, bearing in mind the power of ownership, independence, earnings, and sustainability, all the Morgeez Platforms are able to assist the artists to achieve success in 2022 and beyond.

Please leave your thoughts on this highly important matter in the comments box below. Remember to share this article with all your social handles as you might be saving someone else music career and dreams. Thanks for reading as usual. Peace!

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