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How Does Artist Management Works | The Morgeez Blueprint

Written by on 22nd May 2022

Every artist needs a professional manager. Even though most indie artists will use members of family and friends as manager, the experience to professionally guide your career will surely be lacking and your road to success might even seem longer and that’s if success is even possible at all.

Morgeez Artists Management is fully prepared to take up the task of supporting the music artists and other talents, through proper and professional artists management and representation program. Ours is a program pioneered by our creative talents, passion, and desire to help an artist achieve success.


Our strongest point is transparency… 

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This is because artists are humans and every human deserves 100% transparency in all his or her dealings in life. We believe that a transparent artist manager has to have the structures required to direct the entire scope of the music business.

Hence Morgeez has set up the below steps and platforms to achieve maximum transparency, trust, and dedication to duty that could see both the artist and the company succeed.

Artists Management Platforms

The below platforms are set up by Morgeez to be fully utilized to enhance productivity in our artist’s management processes.

  1. The Morgeez Community for Talents
  2. The Morgeez Music Streaming Service
  3. The Morgeez Artists Booking Agency Platform
  4. The Morgeez Support Desk

A Look at Each Platform and Functions:

All of the above platforms are directly linked to the management of the artist. Now let’s look at them:

  1. The Morgeez Community center for Talents is the base for which the artists start and maintain a consistent and professional relationship with Morgeez Artists Management and Talent Agency. This is where the artist officially applies to be represented by Morgeez. The Application form has the Artist and Agency Agreement, which the artist music read to understand how we are set up to work with him or her.
  2. The Morgeez Community for Talents provides us, and the artists, a communication platform in other to maintain and record our communication process. Click here to learn more.
  3. The Morgeez Community for Talent is where the artists or talents must furnish all information regarding their background and their career. This is to allow the artist to create and maintain an updated professional portfolio that enhances our marketing and booking processes.
  4. The Morgeez Music Streaming Platform also serves as both a music store and a full-service music and artist promotion platform. All artists under Morgeez Artists Management, must sign up and upload their music there. For promotional streaming, optional sales, social sharing, invite commentary from the world of fans, create and promote artist playlist, artists’ own radio and so much more.
  5. All artists under Morgeez Artists Management will have their artist image, profile, and music listed on the Morgeez Artists Booking Portal. This is the official Morgeez Artists Booking Agency portal. where we find shows and other gigs for the artists.
  6. The Morgeez Support Desk is our secondary communication portal. The support desk assists artists in additional materials submissions, e.g submitting music to Morgeez Radio for playlisting, Submitting music videos for promotion at the MorgeezTV portal and Social Media Channels, and where clients negotiate bookings or related services with Morgeez.

In Retrospect

Managing an artist or artists for that matter is no easy task. But with the right resources like these, the job is simplified for both you the talent, and the manager.


By and Large, artists seeking full representation and professional artist management under Morgeez have to take the above necessary steps completely in other for us to be fully equipped with the required artist information and materials required for us to execute a professional representation service.

Your journey toward professional representation starts with your understanding of this blueprint. Take the first step now by officially applying if you haven’t done so already. Then register or Login to the Community. If you have any questions, post them on the Forum now and we will be glad to help.


Sometimes you want something but you really have no clue of how to go about it; nor how the process really works. In that case, you have to book a Consulting Session with one of our Managers.

Once and again, welcomed!

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