How can Actors find a Booking Agency

How can Actors find a Booking Agency that can enable them fulfill their desire to always be on stage or on the screen? How can an amateur actor impress an booking agent. What are the right steps an actor should take to attract the attention of a reliable and professional talent agency? All of this might sound tough and complicated if you are just coming into the industry as an actor.

The acting profession is a highly special discipline mainly driven by natural raw talent. Yes! I mean, "Raw Talent". This has being the entry gate since even the days of Shakespeare. But as the world turns, more and more into technological advancement, so development of new skill-sets becomes the order of the day.

Now having laid down a brief overview, how can a newbie actor overcome the above challenges? Or better still, how can an experience actor maintain a certain standard that will drive him or her into the so-called elite class of actors in more highly competitive world? The answers are almost the same. Below are some of the tips that can get you started and set you nearly apart from your competitions"

Acting Show Reel Filming

Acting Show Reel Filming

  1. Acting Show reel:
    As an Actor, your most important tool to attract the attention of a booking agent or a talent agency, is your acting show reel. This can also be referred to as your acting demos. I have seen people telling me, "I can act", "I am an actor", "I love acting", "I studied acting" etc. Alas! all of those don't matter at the word itself, "acting", means action. In other words, as actor, you need not say it; instead, let your action speak for you in the form of wisely crafted visuals.
acting picture reels and profile photos

Example of Actor Profile Photos

2. Picture Reel or Portfolio
I like to call this picture reel. Unlike modeling, the actor's picture reel, is a collection of photos split in two folds which are action photos and profile photos. Definitely, action photos are photos of you taking in any of your acting gigs. This can also be crafted by a professional photographers. Profile photos may consist of various shots such as head shot, mid shot and full body shots. These sets of photos tells how you look normally when you are not in action. These photos has to be clean, and also ensure that some of them are without any form of make-up just to show your natural self.

3. Resume:
Resume is a definitive document that shows your personal details, your experience in the industry or acting discipline you are applying to and detail information about your previous gigs. If for example, your are a newbie without any industry previous jobs, but maybe, just graduated from college, it is very important that you are honest about it. Cuz any flinch of irregularity in your resume, might just dent your reputation from the very beginning. With a very honest resume, you will surely, draw the attention of talent agencies. This is a perspective on some of the steps to help you find a reliable talent or booking agency. For more on requirements, click here.

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