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Find Your Voice | The Voice Grooming Workshop

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Date: 24th February 2024
Time: 9:45 am

Find Your Voice is a voiceover workshop dedicated to training and polishing of the voice.

Its either you just want to start as a voiceover artist, or you want to at least improve your vocal performance technics and ability.

This Workshop is designed to help you carve a profitable career as a professional musician, voiceover artist, actor, presenter, MCs and others.

Voiceover Industry Overview

A voice-over artist is one who uses his natural voice to promote or sell products or services in the form of commercial recordings such as radio ads, tv commercials, movies dubbing, and many other related sectors.

The opportunities available to voiceover talents are numerous and hardly can one voiceover artist explore it all. One of the most important tools for success in the Voice industry is “awareness”.

The tool of awareness becomes vital for the voiceover artist who wants to find his real voice and find a specific niche market to focus his talent. This is where the Morgeez Find Your Voice Workshop will come to your help.

The Voiceover Workshop Goal

This workshop will focus on key areas of talent development, improvement, and basic industry knowledge. Hence activities will include training on:

  1. Voice Grooming Exercise – Identifying your vocal prowess
  2. Vocal technics – approach and application
  3. Debunking of Scripts
  4. Identifying industry and Sourcing opportunities
  5. How to find voiceover jobs

Who should attend this Workshop?

Just like many of the performing arts disciplines, the voiceover discipline is also built on the gift of talent.   Although formal educational background mixed with the gift of talent will be a great advantage, we are open to anyone with the talent, the basic idea of the voiceover industry.

Over and above all, candidates with a great voices and the talent to push it will be highly welcomed.

The Outcome of the Workshop

Talents will be well equipped with the right knowledge and skills that the voice-over industry requires. These will be the standard tools that talents have to possess in other to find opportunities and excel in their dream career of being voiceover artists.

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